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Newbie - so confused

Hi, only just started SW for the first time, thought I'd join here to stay on track as I'm not attending classes.

Can someone help me - I mostly understand what I am doing, I am having a red day today, which I thought was any meat syn free. But then I see people counting the syns in sausages. I thought on red days, meat wasnt synned, and green days, carbs werent synned?

Please help!
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On red days lean meat with all visible fat removed is free. Sausages tend to contain high amounts of fat mixed in with the minced up meats and flavourings.


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Also, is there any reason you're not going to a class? Talking through with a consultant will help you get to grips with the plan if you can make it to one.


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Fair enough, I hope you do well on it and enjoy it.

As far a budget goes I'd consider looking at green days, they are far cheaper than having to buy in lots of meat. The leaner the meat the more expensive it can get too.

There are loads of threads on sausages and their syn values in the syns sub-forum. Just do a search and you should find some low in syns you can get hold of.

Good luck with the healthy eating. :)
Thanks. They were sainsburys butchers choice - found in parents freezer :p

Its my first red day, been having green mostly. Do I havr to syn the pasta on a green day


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Nope pasta is free on green, you can have as much as you like. It's fats and sugars you have to watch out for.

According to syns online the sausages work out at 4 - 5 and half syns per sausage. Unless they're the 50% less fat ones which are 2 and half syns.
dreamer1989 said:
Also, if I am having 200g baked beans - and the healthy extra B states 142g of Baked Beans - how do I syn this

Thanks for all your help:p
The easiest way is to work out the syns for the remainder-most things give a syn value for 28g of something-so your syns would be for 58g, which is just over double if that makes sense :) if you enjoy alot of beans and stuff it would make sense to do EE! :)

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But if you are having your beans as a HEB then you don't syn it. It is just one of your Healthy Extra's unless you have more than the portion size allowed in which case you would syn what you have over and above the 142g.

Edit: Whoops just seen that you are having 200g. So you should syn 58g. 50g is about 4 syns on a red day.
I know that as a student it can be difficult to justify the cost of Sw but you really do need to go to 1 session & get the plan explained properly to you. It would cost you £15 max if there isn't a free joining fee offer on.

Sausages will not be free on any plan i'm afraid :( the best you will get is 1/2 a syn for extra lean cumberland one from sainsburys.

Remember that you need to remove all the fat from any meats you have & only extra lean mince (less than 5% fat) is free.

Your books are likely to be out of date - for example, alot of quorn products are no longer free, and mullerlights are changing syn values in a few weeks. There have also been loads of new HEX's added.

Finally, there is a newish plan called Extra easy where you can eat carbs & lean protein together, as long as 1/3 rd of your plate is filled with superfree (eg fruit & veg which isn't peas, sweetcorn, parsnips or potatoes which are only free)) you only get 1 healthy extra a & b instead of 2 of each.
Hi, I bought the 2011 books off of ebay, and am using a cd that has up to date stuff on it. And i promise- no more sausages ;p

Green days are going to suit me, ive been eating that bloody superfree souo for dinner the last few days, As I am desperate to start the loss.


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good luck on your weight loss journey!

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