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newbie start slimming world Tuesday!

can anyone advise how easy they have found this plan it seems to good to be true!

I have just stopped a very strict diet which has fast weightloss but to me is not a way of living or showing my chidren the right way either.

Now i am pining all my hopes on this diet . I am worried about me being able to afford to do it is it suitable for smaller budgets too cant really afford loads of bacon steak etc not this month anyway school uniforms & days out during hols have made sure of that :0(

I would love buddies on here or facebook to help me with recipies & stuff as well as just being friends .

I am 31 married mum of 2 ! love all soaps & hollyoaks . All kinds of music . reading, spending time with my hubby. Dont go out that much with the girlies as im always worried about how i look sad i know but true . Silly tho coz i love getting dressed up & dancing i could dance till the next morning me !

gosh nobody will want to be freinds with me lol i sound that boring ive bored myself .

Anyway if you do please let me know as im not the best at understanding how these diets work and really need support . In return i will support you & help you when it gets tough & maybe in time i will understand the plan enough to help others .

Basically its gona be a long journey and the every friend i can make will make this experience even better & hopefully easier .

wish me luck for tuesday eek im nervous about the whole group thing lol

good luck to everyone else with your journey mwah xxxx
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Hi and welcome. I'm sure you'll feel better once you've joined on Tuesday and have the books to read through. I don't find it particularly tricky to understand, it just takes some time to get used to the terms much like learning a new language. :giggle:

You really can do it cheaply, you might find that green days are better for that because of the pasta and rice. Meat can be very expensive so perhaps try and and stick to the cheaper things. I have to watch how much I spend and I'm really going to have to stop buying so many yogurts and cottage cheese but they aren't a vital part so it will do me no harm. I love green days so it works out quite well. Even if you do Extra Easy which your consultant will probably start you off on you don't have to have meat for every meal. You'll find a way to meet your budget.:)

However long your journey will be you really aren't alone. Keep popping on here for new ideas and youll make friends in no time. It won't be long until you're helping other people out. We're a friendly bunch who are happy to help out where we can.

Did you come from a food replacement diet? If so just be aware that it can take a few weeks for your body to get used to proper meals again so don't be concerned if your losses aren't as good as you expect, some might even put on weight the first week but it won't take long until you see SW working.:)

Good luck for Tuesday.:D


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add me if u want kirsty osborne on facebook, im on here most days and often go into live chat, i am new to it all and im on 4th week, you cant have chosen a better way to show ur kids a healthy way of life.
add me and we can help eachother


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Hey loulousw - welcome :) it's great on here, and there is loads of help and support. I've found it a brilliant way of eating, and think it is something I can continue to do for the rest of my life. It is really healthy, and great to show your kids a good way of eating (particularly as you can all eat the same thing).
It doesn't have to be expensive, you can build the plan around a budget - there is even a money saving thread on here!
When you go on Tuesday, just make sure you read your book a couple of times through, and let us know if you need any help.
Loads of luck x
Aww thanks guys i have to say how nice it is to get great support already . I cant wait to join now & i feel really hopefull too . I have about 3-4 st to lose so its good to know ive got support from nice people who are going through the same thing . i will let you know how i get on & do a food diary like everyone seems to do . I wish you all every success in your weight loss journey and thanks for letting me add some of you on facebook how cool is that xxx


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hi louise whats ur pic?
hey i had to think then lol its just my face with brown shoulder length hair ive got a grey top on if you look at my friend list i have beth howard glenn howard claire howard on then you no im the right one lol xx


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ok , cant see u try looking for me now, i am in disneyland with blue coat and pretending to have monster inc hoover suck my head


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Hey Louise,

I've been on SE since October and have lost 2.5 stone - with the same to go still! I'm a 'scenic route' slimmer - if I have times when I don't want to follow the plan, then I don't, but if I gain or don't lose weight I don't get annoyed or upset - I am the only one who puts food in my mouth!

What I tend to do (live on my own so pay mortgage and bills etc by myself, so sometimes money is tight!) is buy frozen veg, frozen fish fillets - anything that can be frozen and is on offer I always find good!! Also I always have packets of flavoured cous cous, Pasta n Sauce etc in - quick and easy meals which can be 'padded out' with veg!

Good luck and welcome to SW xx
Hi andilou thanks for your reply the frozen veg fish etc is a great idea you have done well with your weight loss. So if that's with staying from the plan from time to time just brilliant I can't wait to get started now . Thanks for your help it means a lot keep up the good work hun & thanks again with all this support on here how can we fail xxx


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Hi Louise,

I know a lot of people stick to the plan 100% and have fast, big losses - but everyone is different! I would say that the 1 - 2 lbs a week is sensible - there are people on here who have done that and lost ALOT of weight!! After all, 1 lb a week is 3.5 (ish) stone over a year.

There are also lots of SW friendly offers in the shops all the time - there is a seperate section for that on here.

I also weigh in on a Tuesday - good day!! x
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Hi Lou and Shell y. I'm a newbie too - trying to get my head round it all. I have loads of books and past magazines so I'm sure to come up for air around Wednesday!!!! Good luck!!!!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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Hello and welcome to all the newbies xxx
Hi mrsorangecat good luck to you so is your 1st class wed or have you started ! I'm looking into it myself just hope the food I bought for this week will be able to work with the plan ! Plenty of beans & pasta in what about savoury rice I love that is that ok on green days ! Oooh good luck please keep intouch xxx
S: 15st4lb C: 15st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Lou! :) No, not joining a class, I'm trying to do it at home but with the friendly support of this site. I'm going to weigh myself every Sunday morning. I weighed in at 15 st 1.5 this morning and would like to get down to 10 stone, so gonna be around for a while.... so it will be great to get to know you all better.

I love carbs, but they dont love me! I'm gonna try extra easy - but will probably be leaning more towards "red days" if the weight doesn't shift. Best of luck and thanks devon dumpling - great name! :D x x x

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