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Newbie- started today!

Hi all, I am a newbie to the site and to Cambridge diet- I started today and so far so good but I know it's gonna be a tough few days!
I have already lost over 5 stone on slimming world and it worked great for me for 7 months but I have hit a mega- plateau and it's got me down as I want to look fab and slim on my wedding day on 30th July so I have started Cambridge, as I know it has great and fast results.
Any tips???
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This is the last time!!
Well done on your achievements so far, you've done amazingly!

The only tip I can really think of is to stick with it, no matter what. There will be many times when you'll face temptation and your 'naughty voice' will try and make you give in. If you can be strong and stick to the plan 100% you'll be chuffed with your results!

I find that evenings are my worst time in a lot of ways - it was when I used to graze through boredom and habit. So I try to find distraction, usually mt refuge is the bath. I really rate 'Lush' bath products and feel very decadent sat in my fluffy gorgeous smelling bath with a trashy mag or good book. And when you go food shopping, buy yourself a little bunch of cheapy flowers or something so that you feel 'treated'.

I still have to feed my hubby and son (altho hubby is away on a course at the mo) and I have to be around food at work, so my willpower is frequently tested. I'm actually enjoying having a 'power' thing going on with saying no....

Wishing you every success on your journey x
Thank you!

I am avoiding the shopping issue as much as poss as it's only me and my fiance so he has decided he will get his own shopping. I am a vegetarian and he a meat eater so he'll probably enjoy his own choices more anyway!

How will I know when I am in ketosis?


This is the last time!!
Ketosis - well, for me I know cos I have a strange taste in my mouth and my breath hums! You can get ketostix from pharmacists, you pee on them and if it goes pink (any shade of pink) then you are in ketosis but there are mixed opinions as to whether or not these are 100% accurate!
It sounds odd but you'll know when you are. Your hunger will reduce significantly and you may find you have extra energy.
Hey there,
Just reading your posts!
Well done DebbieMiller! you did fab on slimming world! and jabbathehut - good name! you've done remarkable too!!

i saw that you said you can get pee sticks from the chemist? Can you get them from most chemists? Like Boots? If so what are they called?

Thanks Anz


This is the last time!!
Hi Anz - they are called ketostix (I think) and I'm not entirely sure where you get them from cos I actually live in Germany - my cdc supplies them but I am sure I have heard others say they are available from pharmacists.

And thank you both for your kind remarks on my journey so far :)


This is the last time!!
Hubby's work! Lived in various locations in Germany since 2004. To be honest, I'm hankering for 'home' now!
Well my breath has turned not so nice and have a metallic taste in my mouth but am still hungry so I guess the ketosis could be starting? I will hopefully know soon!
Jan, how are you feeling week 9? Does it feel like the normal way of life/ getting easier or still hankering for food? x


This is the last time!!
I'm ok - I had a planned break in week 7 and I am finding it a bit tricky to get back on track, hence my advice regarding stick to it!! It's a very slippery slope once you have eaten......But I have a few things coming up and I am utterly determined to look as good as I can for them - 2 balls in June, both requiring posh dresses etc....visiting my family for the first time in 8 months at the end of May.....a pamper weekend with my buddy at the end of June.....so much to spur me on and I know I can do it. I've had a rough week this week emotionally and I've stupidly sought solace in the odd little nibble and it has done nothing other than anger me and make me feel like I am letting myself down.

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