newbie, started yesterday!


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welcome to minimins!

Good luck with SW.. i think it rocks! My weight is coming off slowly but I know this time it'll stay off!

Why not start a food diary thread and people can give you some feedback.. it's also useful to read other peoples, see what they're eating.



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Good Luck! :)

im starting today aswell, so far so good!

weighed myself this morning and iv got about 4 stone to shift, but for once on a diet im atcually positive, i can eat all the yummy stuff and still lose weight!

especially looking forward to the Alpen Light bars (chocolate and orange) you can have 2 as a HexB! :D

Hope you have a good first week! xx


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try low fat fromage fraise with highlights orange chock sachet only a syn and there yummy XX


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welcome you two, good luck with SW my first week is over and done with its was so easy to stick to and i lost well.
I really would recommend having a look at the food diarys and reading what people are eating it gives you great ideas!
also start one up on your own, i have it's a great way of recording what your eating i prefer it to writing it down.
Good luck anyway and keep posting :)


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:welcome: to the forum and good luck. You will be amazed how much you can eat on SW. The only thing you need to get your head around is not eating lots of meat with lots of carbs. It's one or the other!

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Welcome to SW!
The best thing to keep you on track is to definitley keep a daily diary of things that you plan to eat that day.
Everyone on here is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom with loads of experience, so keep in touch!

Good luck with your journey!



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welcome on board xxx


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Hi and welcome, good luck with your weight loss x