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Newbie starting Lsimfast tomorrow


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well i blew it. i couldnt last without a snack and have had 2 ryvitas with extra light philadelphia (95kcals) for my morning snack. i still need my snacks so im not gonna deny myself. ive already drunk 1L of water today. I know i will end up going over my calorie allowance today when i go to my grandmas for tea but i suppose its only one day.
Don't worry, we all have had blips in the past. Don't let going over your allowance become a big deal. The most important thing is getting back on the plan and not letting it become a downhill spiral.

BL x


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wel today has been more than ablip it has been a downright catastrophe! After my snack i couldnt stop eatingso ive had a day off and have decided to start a fresh tomorrow. Im not going to let it get me down because compared to what i normally eat in a week so far i have probably eaten half! Thats including my binge today! Think i might weigh myself next week instead of this week cos im not sure there'll be much change lol

Monica x
We all have days like that Monica! Thank God for this forum! I love the snack bars, but find that they make me want to eat. I thought it was just me. If I have a sweet craving, instead of a snack bar I have a pear and a huge glass of water. Put the breakout behing you and just look to tomorrow. Chin up now love


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Thanks Bookworm! I went to see my gp this morning she weighed me (and im still the same but she told me it is still early days) my BMI is 29. She wants me to see her in 1 months time for a progress update and said SF is a really good diet and one the majority of people stick to.

Plan for today is this:

8am chocolate shake

1030am 12 strawberries (100kcal)

1:30pm Slimfast soup

3:30pm 30 grapes (100kcal)

6pm 600kcal meal (going to a friends house for her litle girls party she is doing a buffet so i wont have much to eat)

9pm packet of quavers (88 kcal) OR 2 apples (96 kcal)

Im determined to stick to my plan today. I dont think the buffet at my friends house will do me any harm as long as i dont binge eat and stay away from sandwiches and sausage rolls lol. I might even have nothing there and have an asda GFY ready meal (441 cals) and a banana (116cal) when i get home.

Oh well we'll see! There are many options!
Monica xx
what day do you weigh in mon1cat and icemagic
Monica i was the same yesterday, don't ask me why coz i don't and never will know why i binge, yesterday i was doing so well, kept to plan did an hr on the wii fit then boom all my hard work went out the window, ive learnt over the years though not to beat myself up over it , just get back to it the next day like i have and hope today has been good for you too. a blip every now and then doesnt do any harm as long as its not daily.

My weigh in day is whenever i feel ive done well and know i will have a loss, i would rather not know if ive gained etc as i find it hard staying on track then, which is probably why im losing slowly.

Hope your all having a good day so far, im just in from work and have to take my daughter to the orthodontist in a couple of hours so hope the rain stops by then, its and hr walk round trip so thats my exercise for the day :)
I get really down if i dont lose weight, i am feeling down 2day about my weight, i really struggle to lose and i dont cheat on the diet
Awww louise sorry to hear your feeling down today, we all struggle the trick is not to be so hard on yourself.
Big hugs to you hun x
Thanks icemagic, i am trying to lose some weight before my hol in 5 weeks, think thats why im trainning so hard to.


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Louise im sorry i didnt reply sooner i havent been on since this morning. I was weighed today by my doctor but i think im gonna weigh in every friday at boots because my scales never change no matter how much i gain or lose! Ive got 2st 7lbs to shed and im thinking of getting a pair of fit flops (if you havent heard of them google them the electra and isos styles look brill in my opinion!) and maybe taking a supplement like Hoodia or a fat burner to help. Not sure if this is a good idea but i really need to get these binges under control.

Icemagic like you i really cant tell you why i binge! Its like im overcome with this need to eat whether im hungry or not and i feel horrid and guilty afterwards but today ive done well and im not gonna let it get me down. My boots order should arrive tomorrow so if anything is gonna keep me on track that will!

Monica xx
fell off the wagon....

Hi all! Well, i fell off the wagon, and here we are 8 months later and im hopefully gonna get back on! I had an unopen tin of SF in the cupboard which i kept because i knew i would go back to it, and today was the day for me.

Todays plan was/is like this:
B: SF Choc shake
S: 1 clementine
L: left over curry from last night (needed eating, it was more than 600 cals!)
D: SF choc shake
S: 1 clementine later on.

Ive been drinking water and running after the kids so hopefully i wont feel the extra cals from the curry!

Ive got my graduation ball on 28th feb so i need to lose weight for that! Hope its ok for me to come back,

Monica x


Needs a kick
of course it's ok to come back, well done for getting back on it...
I've had a break over Xmas and new year start back Mon, so your not alone!
Good luck and keep posting xx
Day 2

Well, today i feel motivated. I went to asda last night and got a few SF bits in, meal bars, SF cheese bite crisp things and caramel snack bars. Ive got £12 or something on my advantage card and i think boots has 3 for 2 on SF so i'll prob get another can of powder in a different flavour so i dont get bored of chocolate all the time (im thinking banana!)

Today, im visiting friends and going shopping so i'll be doing alot of walkingand will prob do my Rosemary Conley dvd (or part of it at least!) later on tonight!

See you all later when i post up my menu for today!

Monica x
ok so today has been a good day so far!

B: Chocolate SF Shake
S: None today (allowing for a slightly higher cal allowance at dinner!)
L: SF Chocolate meal bar
S: SF sour cream and chive pretzels
D: 2 grilled Sausages (255 kcal) in bbq sauce (115kcal) with new potatoes in parsley butter (100kcal) muller light yoghurt (100kcal approx) total = 570kcal!! Wow not bad at all!!
S: SF Chocolate snack bar (not sure whether i want the peanut or caramel yet, i'll choose later).

So a good day today lol! Ive been into town and done my walk so my exercise for the day is sorted too.

Ta ta for now!
Monica x
Day 3

Today has been a bit hit and miss for me. I havent stuck to plan today as rigidly as id like to. But, im back at work tomorrow so i know i will stick to it. So as im working from 7:30am my plan may seem a little odd but here is my menu for tomorrow:

B: SF Banana shake @ 6:45am (already made up in my fridge ready to take to work)
S: 1 apple, 1 clementine around 11am
L: SF Choc Milkshake around 3:15pm when i get home
S: 1 clementine
D: Thai chicken kebabs with noodles and salad out of this months rosemary conley mag 294 kcal, 1 muller light yoghurt 100kcal approx.
s: SF Choc bar

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