Newbie starts tomorrow


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Hi everyone:wave_cry:
I have been reading posts on the forum the past two weeks ever since my husband decided to go on lighterlife, i had never really heard of it and looked on here for advice, anyway he has lost 17lbs in two weeks. We are both over 20st so after seeing how well he is doing i decided to start the Cambridge Diet, i have been tonight to get my packs and start tomorrow!!
Anyway i just wanted to say hi as i have a lot of weight to lose so will be popping on here for advice and a chat!!
PS how do you get all that fancy stuff on your posts????
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I just wanted to say good luck with your diet.
also what do you mean by fancy stuff?
Do you mean the stuff in the signatures? If you want a ticker or meez or something like that you can click on the link on someone else's post, then make your whatever it is then copy and paste the bbcode into your signature on the user cp.
Hope that helps.
Hello, I started on cd yesterday, am doing fine keeping up the water but the soups are repeating on me, is this usual??
I love these posts it is inspiring to read each story of struggle and success.
I plan on doing this one day at a time as I can't imagine being off food for a long time as I love it sooooooooo much.


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all the best for today , I will also be SSing myself too today ...


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Welcome to CD.


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Thanks everyone,
This the first time i have done a diet this intense, only ever tried ww & slimming world. I am doing okay, seeing the kids eat their dinner was hard and i have a headache but hopefully this will pass.
My husband is doing lighterlife and said he felt better on the third day can anyone out there doing CD tell me when i will fell better, I am on the sole source plus. Thanks again for all the support, looking at the photos and reading the quotes has really helped.


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You should feel better when ketosis kicks in... which usually is between day 3-5. The day before is supposedly hellish, but after that you get a huge surge of energy. :D

Good luck!


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Hope your first day went well.

Hi heavenly72

How is it going with the soups. I am on my 5th day now and after the first day things were not to bad but i am getting sick of the soups. I choose to have i shake in the morning 2 soups (afternoon and evening) with 200cal dinner but i think i will change to all shakes (i love chocomint with coffee). Feeling really tired today but weigh in tomorrow.:)