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Newbie Student :)

Hi everyone!

I'm Sarah, and I'm 19 next month.
I'm only 5'1, and my figure means that any bit of weight that I put on seems to increase the size of my thighs considerably.

I put on quite a bit when I started uni, and went up a dress size, but unfortunately being as short as I am, i can't really afford to put that much on.

Also, my confidence plummited after an ex of mine told me that he had never cheated on me, so I've lost confidence in my personality, my appearance and even my grades.

What I'm here for is some support to stick to a diet and feel better about myself, I'm finding it really difficult to stay on track. There's always chocolate or dinner out at a bar that seems to get in the way.

Also, any really cheap ideas for food, thats simple to cook? As I said, university student and am living pretty much on a shoe-string... (a very short one at that)

So, that's me.. sort of. But will be lovely to meet new friends :)

xxx :bunnydance:
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hi there what diet ur following :) what u studying I am doing Business

Hey i'm a student also... by reading what you said it sounds like weight watchers would be best for you if you don't want to cut food totally out of your diet and you can find their food everywhere too....
there is lipotrim which is a total food replacement diet (only for overweight ppl) but their maintenance program allows ppl who have a bmi of 25 and under to lose weight aswell and safely and you can buy that over the internet so no need to go anywhere near food in the supermarket lol to get tempted... it does cost quite a bit though so depends how much you already spend on food? it is the only thing you would buy in a week so for me it does come to the same amount as normal food budget and the only other thing you need is water and its simple.
hope that helped??
I'm currently waiting on the lipotrim maintenance until i can sort out the proper one from my pharmacy/doctor ..thought it was a good way to start it off!
Meg xo
Hi and welcome. I'm not a student. ;)

Also, my confidence plummited after an ex of mine told me that he had never cheated on me, so I've lost confidence in my personality, my appearance and even my grades.
Basically, following that and the fact he made me believe that it was all my fault.. (a few years of depression, suicide attempts and councelling later) and he took it all back, saying it never happened... which has made me feel really awful again. .... - a very condensed version. I'm not here for sympathy or a sob story.. i just thought that it was required to get the best help :)
Well Blonde princess you've come to the right place I'm sure with some support and encouragement we'll have you back to looking fabulous in no time at all....... Good Luck
Are you keeping a record of what you eat and the quantities and how much exercise you do? Also take your measurements and get a pic to show the start of your journey

Good luck

Irene xx


Angelic Fruitcake
Hello Blondprincess I'm also a student in my final year of uni and i'm 5'1 aswell although I have a quite a bit more weight to lose then you lol I actually lost weight in my first year of uni but that was due to being massivly homesick I think? I have since managed gain loads. Anyway as you don't have to much to lose I recomend following a healthy eating plan whitch I know can be hard at uni due to social demands and small budgets. But take advantage of the uni classes they offer such as the dance classes or yoga to help tone your thighs. Also watch what you drink as every night me and my friends used to be in the student bar and as students we tended to drink cider as it was cheap and loads of us really gained the weight try drinking a single vodka with diet coke or cranberry juice rather then lager and cider as these really make you bloat and try to stock up on loads of fruit so that you snack on these rather then chocolate and crisps. Anyway you sound determined so I'm sure you will do it good luck xxx
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Ok, so massive absence due to exams and coursework. All of which I passed so woo hoo!

I'm going to start a diary on here so that I have to own up to myself if I stray from my excercise and diet. :)


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Congratulations and well done BlondePrincess:clap::clap::clap:

Love Mini xxx

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