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Hi, i am new to this site and to the CD. saw counsellor yesterday and started today . quite nice that i can phase food out this week . can i ask did anyone manage to loose any wieght or inches on this first week before beginning sole source ? also any tips... i am not a big water drinker, just tons of coffee but am struggling with drinking it black, the sweetners i can cope with ! also , had a strawberry shake today and wasnt that keen ? is it an aquired taste ? what are the nice flavours? well hopefully i will suceed at this diet cos need to shed the stubborn baby pounds that have been hanging around for the last 2 years .... no more excuses

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Hello, welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the CD!
I'm on day 8 and i had a bad experience with some of the soups - but it's all trial and error. You'll soon know what you like and the shakes are much better the smoother they are. A good blender is a MUST!
I was a relatively big water drinker, but now i find i'm actually thirsty so loads of water is brill :)
Some of the fab people on here taught me "the more you drink the more you shrink" so try and keep a 2 litre bottle of water with you to track how much you drink - i aim for 4 litres a day.

I found days 3-5 a huge struggle so be prepared, find motivation and "thinspiration" on this site - it's full of marvy people who are honest, aren't opinionated and full of experience. Water cured my headaches (along with the chalky paracetamol tablets) and i find that i don't have to go for a wee so frequently now!

Lovely to meet you, hope to get to know you as you begin your weight loss journey!
Best of luck,
Leah xxxx
Hi and welcome, just to echo what Leah has said, try all the flavours and you are sure to find some that you really like. I swear by the choccie tetra and mushroom soups which is all I have now. Re weight loss, are you cutting down on carbs before starting SS? If so you should still see some weight loss in the first week and it will hopefully ease you into SS a little more gently.

Good luck!

I swear by the choccie tetra and mushroom soups which is all I have now.
Give me your address, i'm sending you my mushroom ones :rolleyes:

Hehehe, the choc tetras are lurver-ly!


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thanks for your replies. got to lose about 37lb. yes am cutting down on the carbs and trying to drink a few glasses of water, in preparation. for me i think the problems are going to be work.... am a district nurse so cant always go somewhere for a wee ( some places its wipe your feet on the way out !!) so cant neck water unless i am near a gp surgery or home !!! and then another downfall of mine i am a smoker so always chomping on mints, or a bit of chewing gum ( dont chew it for long , few mins and get rid of it ) .i can do the packs and no proper food.( i am determined) i can see a size 14 looming , to be honest would like my uniforms to hang a little better instead of riding up over my backside !! i am a fat and unhealthy nurse. i want to be a slim and unhealthy one ! work on the smoking later !

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