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Newbie to CD

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You'll be fine SK; drink your water, stay away from the fridge, and tick they days off and you'll be joining those happy people in ketosis before you know it.

How did the GP go BTW; did they approve/disapprove/just sign the form etc.?


Enjoyin' my journey....
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Welcome specialK now you are officially on CD. As Jim said, remember your water and press through the first few days, it is soo worth it. YOu may have a long journey, but you'd live the days no matter what journey you were on - at least this one will have a big rainbow at the end and loads of rewards along the way! Keep us posted. Tx


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How did the GP go BTW; did they approve/disapprove/just sign the form etc.?
My GP seemed to be ok with it, she talked me through the options i had, which i had all ready used most of them tablets etc... and she had all ready put me forward for surgery a couple of weeks ago, but i am apprehensive about it, as when i am maintaining, i want to enjoy food, not to be totally restricted to certain foods and not be able to enjoy myself, plus my family had made it clear that if i had opted for surgery, they would not be supportive of me, as it was "the easy way out" so, CD it is for me!!!

so thats why i opted for it.

long journey ahead tho :(

K x


please try again
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i think we have the same amount to lose overall, yes it seems a large amount to start with and you think it will take forever and a day but the time will pass quickly once your into ketosis
just find things to keep you occupied, the arcade on here, look at the inspiration slideshow, pamper yourself with a lovely bubble bath and do your nails etc


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S: 26st0lb C: 26st0lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 50.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I feel so rough!!! i thought it might have been atleast day 2, but nope, today, splitting headache, nausia, really sleepy!!!!! and i wouldnt mind, ive drank nearly 5 litres of water and umpteen cups of tea, mind you it took a few cups to get over the shock of no real sugar and no lashings of milk!!!!

I feel really grim :(

K x


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you'll be fine :)

Take a knickers and bra pic now and use that to see how quickly you're losing weight. I did and so pleased I did LOL

This diet soooooo works

Drink your liquids take your shakes and ya sorted ... Simples!

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Caution! Don't overdo the water. It can cause an electrolyte imbalance, especially if you aren't used to drinking that much water. I don't know enough about EI to post more but KD posted about it recently in response to someone's question about water. I am doing 810 (and therefore prob need a bit less water), had drunk about 6 litres of water and felt awful because of the EI.

The carb withdrawals may also, quite frankly suck.


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S: 26st0lb C: 26st0lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 50.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I dont need any pictures, id crack my camera if i did, i will go off my weekly WI and measurements and the feeling of mi knickers sliding down my backside everytime i move, that should be a fair indicator :)

Yeah i am finding most things suck at the minute, headaches, nausia, lethargy (thats normal tho :)) i am some what used to drinking a fair bit of water, norm about 2 litres a day!!! but the other 2 is killing me, constantly needing the loo :)

Today is a new day, woke up with a headache and i suppose its only going to get worse :( Ah well, off to work i go till 2, i think when i get home i may just curl up and die!!!


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Good luck on your journey hon. You will be really motivated by the quick weight loss x


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I'm restarting today and I know how hard the first few days are (I've done them about 15 times!!!). All I can say is push through them and it will be so worth it. Don't let anything tempt you off the wagon. If I had followed my advice, I would be happily maintaining now but no, I cheated and put half of what I lost back on.

This is the last go for me!

Definitely do an underwear pic. I did and only recently compared it to how I am now and I was amazed!!!

Good luck SK. You will do fabulously and I look forward to seeing your first weight loss post!!! x


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Welcome to the family SpecialK, Cambridge is the most amazing diet and you may feel like crap now, but don't worry that will pass. The pounds will drop off and you will be feeling fabulous! Keep posting, Minimins is the best support ever! x


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I know I keep saying this, but thankyou for this forum! I very very nearly lost it in the shop. Talking to myself (in my head) in to it actually being fine to eat today, because the other six days I'll be good. Day 3 and it's so hard. I wish I was tired enough to sleep through it! X-Factor now, maybe that will occupy me until dinner time and then I'll be tired enough. Oh and I only bought fizzy water and the paper! We have to get to where we want to get to. I'm annoyed with myself now for having those thoughts after reading through the posts. Everyone is working really hard and I almost gave up at day 3! x


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Welcome to CD SpecialK - I echo the advice that everyone above has given you. Stick with the plan for this first week, get to your first weigh in and see the results! This is an awesome diet if you let it work for you. Good luck and let us know how you are getting on, I am sure you will do well.


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Welcome and good luck specialk! x x


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S: 26st0lb C: 26st0lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 50.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I feel so much alive today, ok i shouldnt have done the gardening, as i was lifting flags up for the best part of 3 hours, by lord i feel like ive run a marathon, so tired.

ive not really been hungry today but also not drank all my water :( im about 1 n a half litres short today :( even with the physical work...

i honestly feel like i have eaten a three course dinner all day, its really bizarre, feeling from what i did yesterday to today its weird, but ive got things to be keeping me occupied for the next few days, plus my sister is on leave from work next week, so she will keep me amused!!!

Thank you for all your words of advice!!!!

Katy x


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Good Luck specialk - this diet really works, and you will get loads of support on this site.

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