Newbie to CS (but not to slimming!)

Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by Holliedollie, 5 March 2010 Social URL.

  1. Holliedollie

    Holliedollie Full Member

    Hello everyone a quick few bits about me, I've just turned 23 :cry: and have been a yo-yo dieter since the birth of my daughter nearly 5 years ago, all my teenage years i was a healthy size 10-12 (never weighed myself) but through pregnancy and post natal depression i went up to a size 22 and just over 17 stone :eek: I did Weight watchers up until summer last year and managed to get down to 12 and a half stone and a size 12 i felt fab but i got silly with food again and now I'm up to 14st 6lb, so here i am just looking for a bit of suppport and to support others hopefully!

    I started CS on Tuesday this week and I'm really enjoying not having to really think about points etc, I'm not feeling too hungry either which is good and i like all the shakes especially cookies and cream, i have not tried the caffe latte ones as i detest coffee anyway and surprisingly i LIKE the soups!

    Oh god i've wrote alot! anyway, looking forward to getting weighed! (is that normal) :p
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  3. twinkle22

    twinkle22 Full Member

    Hi Hollie
    You did really well on ww. Hope you enjoy cs as much as I am lol! Saw your recipe on the other thread so am going to try it. I get stuck for meal ideas sometimes. But I really fancy a steak tonight!! x
  4. RainbowSpots

    RainbowSpots Member

    Hiya Hollie welcome to CS!!

    I have been the same since having my daughters. All through my teens. I was 18 having my first daughter & snapped back into a size 10 but after my 2nd daughter at 22 I didn't lose the weight before getting pregnant again. I had my 3rd daughter 3 months ago at 25 & my body definately isn't what it was when I was 18!!

    Good Luck with CS & keep us all updated on how you are doing. You've done well in the past & I bet you'll do just as well on here.
  5. Holliedollie

    Holliedollie Full Member

    Thanks for the reply girls! I've just had my first weigh in and ive lost 7 and 3/4lbs, so chuffed!
    I'm sat here now eating a chocolate fudge meal replacement bar and its lush, wish i would of bought some of these last week i also got 2 of the caramel chocolate ones, so i can't wait to try that one also.

    Another thing, I'm starting to have all my shakes warm in my Thermos, as i think when i mix with just the cold water i drink it far too fast as if its just a drink and not a meal replacement, so its like a banana soup (like i had this morning :) just a tip incase people are getting bored x
  6. Sam1309

    Sam1309 Silver Member

    u need to drink it with 15mins of making it or all the vits and mins are lost
  7. twinkle22

    twinkle22 Full Member

    Well done on your brilliant first week Hollie!! xxx
  8. Holliedollie

    Holliedollie Full Member

    Thanks twinkle! and Sam yeah i do drink it within 15 mins, just not 1 minute like i do with the cold shakes :s
  9. Holliedollie

    Holliedollie Full Member

    Weighed again today and lost another 2 1/4, very pleased because i REALLY treated myself on sunday as it was mothers day :)
  10. Holliedollie

    Holliedollie Full Member

    Another 3lbs off this week :)
  11. kyliet

    kyliet Full Member

    Hi Hollie, I am on Cambridge Diet, just wanted to say well done on your losses!! Your doing really well xxx
  12. Holliedollie

    Holliedollie Full Member

    Thanks Kyliet! i'm very pleased with myself and you look like your doing great too! not far off your goal now :)
  13. Holliedollie

    Holliedollie Full Member

    1 and a 1/4 off this week, would of liked more, but its a loss so im happy!
  14. clojo

    clojo Member

    Hi Hollie!
    Just started CS. You're very encouraging. I lost 4 stone on Lighter Life when I was at my heaviest (18st!), which I enjoyed but it's pretty much bankrupted me. I got down to 12 st 7lbs then I took a break and now I've gone up to 14st. I like having the shakes and what-not. I hate having to think too much about whats going in my mouth. CS seems like a happy medium.
    Keep going strong, I hope I get results like you. That's if I can keep the willpower up.
    Good luck in the coming weeks everyone!!
  15. Holliedollie

    Holliedollie Full Member

    Hi Clojo and thankyou! You've already done fantastically our story's are similar too, honestly this is the best diet I've ever done, it is soo easy and (i know you shouldn't) but I drink every-weekend and still lose weight so its not as restricted as something like lighter life, so good luck and let us know how you get on! Xx

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