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newbie to dieting attempting to do SW at home

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by ninz, 9 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. ninz

    ninz Member

    So I started yesterday (Monday) I was a little unprepared because Ive never dieted properly before and Im going it alone, anyway I had -

    Breakfast 2 Scrambled eggs and a small can of baked beans with a cup of tea. I used skimmed milk as my healthy a choice to make the eggs and in my tea.

    For lunch I was in uni and had a prawn salad sandwich, because it was wholemeal bread I could deduct 6syns making it 11syns

    for dinner I attempted to make soup using a pack of soup veg from morrisons, some scotch broth barley mix and a stock cube. Needless to say it didnt taste great :( tried adding some quark to make it creamy, BAD IDEA!! Anyway I think the ingredients are all free on extra easy?

    I had a mullerlight cranberry and raspberry flavour and some tesco light choice wafer thin ham as a snacks, along with a few more cups of tea made with the rest of my milk allowance.

    If ive got it right I think I used 11 syns.
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  3. ninz

    ninz Member

    Today I was slightly more prepared....

    for breakfast I had a bowl of jordans strawberry crisp with skimmed milk and a cup of tea (healthy a choice and 5.5syns)

    Lunch I made an omelette using fry light, 2 eggs, healthy choice wafer thin ham, mushrooms and 25g of reduced fat cheddar. I also had 2 slices of ww malted danish bread as my b choice. 3.5 syns for the cheese.

    For dinner I baked a chicken breast in the oven and made pasta sauce using passata, corgette, mushroom, onion, peppers, chilli and a little sweetener. I had that with roughly 125g of pasta (bad I know but I was hungry!)

    I think thats a total of 9 syns. I want to aim for 10 a day so that balances out yesterday. Im a little worried im not eating enough fruit and veg, 1/3 of my plate should be superfree foods right?
  4. ninz

    ninz Member

    just realised i had posted twice oops
    Last edited: 12 January 2013
  5. ninz

    ninz Member

    brunch (by time i got organised it was nearly lunch time) 2 eggs fried with frylite, small tin of beans and 2slices of ww malted danish (dry) which was my HexB

    light lunch strawberries quark and sweetener

    dinner slimming world chips (which i somehow managed to burn slightly :( ) baby spinach (as a salad) with 'pizza chicken' i made it using the pasta sauce from yesterday and cheese was my HexA.

    had a mullerlight which is 0.5syns, and an options which is 2syns. 2.5 total with 7.5 leftover.

    I didnt mean to have so little syns but it means i can use them friday night when my friend comes over for dinner :)

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  6. ninz

    ninz Member

    breakfast - 2 wheatabix with strawberries and skimmee milk (HexA and HexB)

    lunch - i was running late for an appointment so grabbed a strawberry mullerlight 0.5syns and a nature valley ginger crunch granola bar. normally its my go to snack on the run, but when i realised it had 9.5 syns i only had one of the 2bars so 5syns.

    My flatmate thinks ive been too stressed lately so dragged me to starbucks, I had the tall skinny vanilla spice latte which is 150 calories. I couldnt even enjoy it knowing it was costing me 7.5 syns. Feel fat disgusting stressed about uni and cant even enjoy a coffee without feeling guilty :(

    dinner - rice noodles beansprouts and prawns

    13syns so 3 over. the 7.5 from yesterday I was keeping for tomorrow is down to 4.5 :(

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  7. TinselAngel

    TinselAngel Full Member

    Just read your comment about the soup on your first post. Did you soak the barley mix before cooking it? Also blending soups always makes them better imho. Hope that helps
  8. TinselAngel

    TinselAngel Full Member

    You can have up to 15 syns so 13 is in your allowance. Also you can usr your hexa on the milk in your latte if you want to, saves 6. Syns.
  9. TinselAngel

    TinselAngel Full Member

    Change to alpen lights instead of the nature valley bars. 2 bars is a hexb
  10. ninz

    ninz Member

    thank you soo much for all the advice! i really appreciate it! i was getting a bit disheartened but youve totally made me feel better :) also yes i soaked the barley the soup just didnt have much flavour. I think next time ill add some spices but will also try and blend it as you suggested!

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  11. ninz

    ninz Member

    breakfast - ham and cheese omelette (cheese as HexA)

    lunch - ham and quark toasted sandwich (bread HexB) mullerlight 0.5syns

    dinner - chicken fajitas (chilli powder peppers onions mushrooms and tinned tomatoes chicken) with salad, sw chips, homemade guacamole and quark (instead of sour cream) i had 2 ww wraps which are 6 syns each and half an avacados worth of guac so 5 syns? i think i read on here somewhere a whole one is like 10? dinner total 17 syns

    had a cup of tea with dash skim milk which i think is 0.5 syns?

    total syns for the day 18. considering the amount I ate while my friend was here im quite happy with that :) it was quite healthy and I didnt feel like I was missing out! Leanne had hobnobs with her tea and I wasnt even jealous because I felt satisfied by what Id eaten :)

    one of my friends who attends sw told me my scales are reading a few pounds lighter than they should be (she'd just been for a wi) so i bought new easier to read ones today. it does mean i probably started off heavier than I thought I was, so as long as im no heavier than what I thought my starting weight was come monday, ill be happy :)

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  12. ninz

    ninz Member

    Breakfast - Fried egg and bacon sandwich (grilled bacon with fat removed, egg cooked in frylight, bread as HexB). 1 tbs of ketchup 1 syn

    Lunch - Mullerlight yoghurt and a portion of special k cracker crisps (95 calories so 5 syns)

    Dinner - Leftover chicken, veg and salad from the fajitas i made last night with quark and rice

    I reallllllllyyyy want cake so I decided to try a ww chocolate brownie dessert as it was on offer for £1. Im hoping it tastes good.... anyway its 167 calories 8 syns?

    Total syns for the day - 14

    Just realised I never had a HexA so Im away to have so tea with semi skimmed milk with my dessert :)
  13. ninz

    ninz Member

    Brunch - SW fryup - 2 pieces of grilled bacon with the fat removed, fried egg, mushrooms and potatoes (all cooked with fry light) and some beans

    Snack - a few cups of tea (milk as my HexA) and a mullerlight yoghurt 0.5syns

    Dinner - SW chilli con carne (but made with quorn mince) salad and rice

    A cup of cadburys light hot chocolate (caramel flavour) 2syns (2.5syns total)

    I intended on having a sandwich as my HexB but wasnt that hungry. I made a massive pot of chilli and a pot of carrot and lentil soup so I have no excuse not to eat properly this week no matter how stressed I get with uni :)
  14. ninz

    ninz Member

    B- Wheatabix with skimmed milk and banana (HexA and HexB)

    L - Carrot and lentil soup

    D- Quorn chilli, rice, salad and quark

    Snacks - Tea with rest of my milk from HexA, mullerlight (0.5syns) and a minibag of cadburys buttons (4syns)

    Total syns - 4.5

    WI today - When I woke up I had lost 4lb, but half an hour later I was the same weight I started last week. I bought new scales at the weekend because the old ones where unreliable so im happy no matter what and starting counting from today!
  15. ninz

    ninz Member

    soo its that time of the month, meaning Ive been craving all sorts of junk. On top of that me and my friends all went to see Les mis at the cinema tonight. Normally we make a big deal out of things like this (we normally all only get together every few months) so either go for drinks before hand, or buy crappy bad for you food to take into the cinema and gossip our way through the ads and trailers as we eat. Long story short, Ive been a little bit bad today, but I tried to be as good as I could with it....

    B - scrambled egg, 2 slices of bacon (fat removed), 2 tbsp beans and 2 slices dry toasted ww malted danish (HexB)

    L- Carrot and lentil soup

    D- 3 chicken mini fillets and regular gravy from KFC - from what ive read on here that totals at 16syns. Im trying to have 10 a day and had 6 left over from yesterday so thats all good.... but I also had a small fries from mcdonalds (kfc chips are rubbish) which is 7.5 syns. they totally werent worth it. they were cold a soggy and only got a few chips kind of wish id opted for medium as it was only 2.5 syns more. Anyway I know I can have up to 15 syns a day and with the 6 from yesterday I really only went 2.5 over but Im going to try and be good the rest of the week and have 7.5 syns less over the space of the next few days so Im still averaging 10 a day. Could of been a lot worse. Really wanted a mcflurry or popcorn but just thought it wasnt worth it so well proud of myself :)
  16. ninz

    ninz Member

    So I had to rush home to Ireland the other week for some family stuff. Basically thats why Ive been MIA. Anyway I went completely off plan but now am back in Glasgow and determined to get back on track. I seem to be the same weight I was at my last weigh it, so Ive only gained whatever I had lost between my last weigh in and going home so Im quite happy :)

    anyway so yesterday I had

    Breakfast - fried eggs on toast (cooked in frylite, on WW brown bread as my HexB) tomato ketchup (1Syn)

    Lunch - Carrot and lentil soup (free)

    snacks - cups of tea and coffee using HexA skim milk. Mullerlight (0.5 syns)

    Dinner - 3 potato waffles (9 syns) beans fried egg

    total syns - 10.5

    Not the greatest dinner choice but I had 3 left in the freezer and thought I may as well eat them and clear space! 3 eggs in one day also not very diverse :( but its a start :) Ive made a big pot of soup and bought lots of green veg to have with the fish I have in the freezer. Im hoping youghurt with dill will be a nice sauce type thing!
  17. ninz

    ninz Member

    breakfast- 2 slices WW brown bread toasted (HexB) with flora buttery it doesnt really go very far and I ended up using 4tsp of it :( which I then checked and found to be 8syns total. Was really not worth it :(

    lunch - carrot and lentil soup

    dinner - baked white fish fillet, spinach, green beans, potatoes and fat free youghurt with dill

    Snacks- Tea and coffee (milk HexA) and a highlights fudge hot chocolate (2 syns)

    10 syns total
  18. ninz

    ninz Member

    breakfast-strawberry country crisp (5.5 syns) with skim milk and tea (HexA) I weighed out a 30g portion and was really shocked by how small it was! Normally i pour a bigger bowl and can never finish it. Its my favourite cereal so its kind of nice to know its not that bad for me and a little goes a long way :)

    lunch - toasted sandwich - 2 slices WW brown bread (HexB) with quark and ham, carrot and lentil soup

    dinner - minute steak, green beans, potatoes, onions and mushrooms. I mixed a tsp of wholegrain mustard with fat free yoghurt to make a sauce (0.5 syns)

    Snacks- 10 special k cracker crisps (2.5 syns) tea with skim milk (HexA)

    syns total - 8.5
  19. ninz

    ninz Member

    breakfast-2 wheatabix (HexB), skim milk (HexA), banana

    lunch - carrot and lentil soup

    dinner - 3 egg omelette with ham, mushroom, onion, spinach and 50g of reduced fat cheddar (7syns)

    Snacks- tea with skim milk (HexA)

    syns total - 7syns

    I might be going to the pub to watch rugby tomorrow so thats 4 leftover syns (1 from thurs, 3 from fri) towards a pint of magners :) C'mon Ireland :)
    Last edited: 2 February 2013
  20. ninz

    ninz Member

    Breakfast - banana on toast (HexB) cup of coffee dash skim milk (0.5 syns)

    Lunch - carrot and lentil soup - have now finished the pot thank god as I was sick of it by the end of the week even though it is really tasty!

    2 bottles of sol while watching the rugby (15 syns)

    Dinner - 'pizza' chicken (cheese as HexA) with spinach and sw wedges

    Total syns - 15.5 :)

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  21. ninz

    ninz Member

    Breakfast - toast (HexB) banana and nutella 2tbsp (one for the toast and one for me) 9 syns but soo worth it as i really wanted to go buy some of the large american style choc chip pancakes from tesco which used to be my sunday morning treat with nutella and strawberries!

    Dinner - chicken breast wrapped in bacon baked in the oven. Roast potatoes, broccoli and spinach. Gravy made with instant powder -2tsps (2syns)

    I decided to just have a big dinner instead of lunch and late dinner. Snackwise I had a mullerlight (0.5 syns) and several cups of tea with my HexA milk :)

    Total syns - 11.5

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