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newbie to the Cambridge Diet


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Hi all im starting the CD on Monday and im sure this will work for me,

I do have a few questions though and i hope you lovely girls & guys will be able to help:

In the first few days how hard is it to not eat ?

Do you get any nasty side effects ?

Do you still "crave" food ?

How much water should i drink ?

Im looking forward to starting as ive been the Larger lady for 11 years now since having my 3 children, so it will be the start of realeasing the inner me if that makes sence ?

Thanks for any replies in Advance

Emm x x
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Hi emma and welcome to mini's. The first few days can be tough you will get into ketosis in 2/3days time and shoudnt feel hungry anymore. Some people do have some side effects like headache's etc but these will pass. Personally I had none what so ever. I never really craved food but if stuff was cooking the smells really got to me, i usually went upstairs and generally kept myself busy. I think you have to drink a min of 2litres or 2 and a half. I started at 2.5, then 3 im on 4litres a day now. This diet really does work I have lost 30lbs in 4weeks. Its amazing I can see huge difference in me already. How much do you want to lose? what is your starting weight?
Come on here whenever you find things tough or just need a chat/rant :)


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First of all, hello and welcome - you've come to a great place for help, advice and most importantly support....

In the first few days how hard is it to not eat ?
Its not hard, you just need to distinguish the difference between wanting to truly lose weight and be slim or the small amount of time something is in your mouth then gone & replaced with feelings that you'd wished you'd not eaten it????
Fill your first few days as much as possible - come here play in hte arcade and chat to others who are in the same boat at the same time as you!
Early nights - I was hungry for the first few days but not starving like my life depended on me eating... Get to bed early, long soaks in bubble baths - read papers and magazines in bed

Do you get any nasty side effects ?
I cannot lie - I did have awful dog breath for the first couple of weeks, this has now gone tho..... (Er I think)

Do you still "crave" food ?
Yes - sometimes, but again my need to be slim and lose weight is far more important than actually eating at the moment, well eating or over eating....

How much water should i drink ?
I drink AT LEAST 3litres of water, plus my soups and shakes and another pint in tea

Everyone has there own little different ways - its just a case of finding out what works best for you!

Good luck Emma and keep us posted xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Good Luck Emma and welcome!

I'm now on day 8 and found the first 2 days pretty easy...I hit a wall on day 3 and felt rubbish...had a headache all day and just felt really weepy and horrible....BUT...I woke up on day 4 a new girly....felt bloody brilliant and since then I've had no headaches at all (which is in fact a huge thing for me as I usually get at least 1 headache a day and go through a box of a paracetomol a week!)....

Yes I do still 'crave' food...but you have to really really want to do this and put that thought out of your head because you will NOT be physically hungry.....it is just an emotional thing and your mind will play daft tricks on you telling you that you really NEED food.....you don't as you are getting all the vitamins and goodies your body needs from the packs and water.....

Nasty side effects? Erm....I did have a dicky tummy on Sunday but that soon passed (lasted a day)...other than that...nope...nothing...I have heard from others that they get awful breath whilst in ketosis, but I'm ok actualy.....just make sure you have plenty of breath freshner available just in case! lol!

I try to drink at least 4L of water a day to be honest, I also drink a few cups of black coffee too.....there are oodles of threads about why water is the best thing for you and the more the merrier on this diet!

Make sure you stock up on headache tablets (just in case) and fresh breath spray (just in case)! lol!

I can honestly say though this is the best diet I have ever done....even cooking tea for my 3 children doesn't bother me so much anymore and I'm only on day 8!!!! (I lost 12llb in my first week by the way! :D)

Good Luck Emma - welcome to the madhouse! :D
Hello Emm and welcome aboard. Best of luck in reaching your goals. I cannot reply on your questions because I am not familiar with the plan.
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Welcome Emm28!
The CD is really good and the pro's (quick weight loss, increase in wellbeing) outweigh the con's (bad breath, headaches and feeling cold) and you see/feel the results so quickly

Any you get loads of support from us - so good luck & keep gulping the water! FFx x

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