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Newbie who's struggling


Hate it but doing it!
I've been doing the Lighterlife programme for the grand total of only 22 days and i'm struggling, good and proper.
In the first week i was lucky in that i didn't have any headaches or anything like that apart from feeling hungry.
Please please please don't say that it was emotional because it physically hurt. It was the good old gnawing sensation that made me feel ill.
2 weeks later this still hasn't gone away. I'm drinking my water allowance through the day, i'm having my shakes and i'm in ketosis so why this?
Today i actually feel sick, i'm having plain water instead of the flavoured powder to see if that will help.
Our counseller is ok but really not sympathic to anything, this includes 2 other girls in the group who have experienced the same thing. So i've just decided not to really participate that much as i feel that i'm putting the counseller out a bit.
I so want to do this as i've just grown and grown and grown and it's affected my fertility to the point i had a miscarriage and my dr said it was because i was obese, (15st 2 - now 13st 7), but he wouldn't sign my drs form, git.
I'm not really craving anything, at a push i suppose a baked spud and a homemade beefburger are my favs at the mo but i can be in a room with food i have no issue, it's just the feeling like i'm going to be sick all the time.
I don't know what to do, i have another 80 days of this, please tell me it gets easier.

Thanks everyone


(By the way, name is supposed to be wobblywoman but it wouldn't fit and i don't know how to change it!).
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First of all your not a newby! im on day 13 and feel like im well and truly into it.
You have already got past the worst part and it can only get better from here!
You need to look at what you have achieved rather than what you havnt. Look at is this way in another 3 days, say Sunday. You are on day 25. You are one quater of the way there!
You have to set yourself mini goals or you will costantly be hitting a brick wall. I know that with me it helps so much that I look at what I already have done rather than what I have left to do.
So you have lost a really good amount of weight?! do your clothes feel loose? yes! well remember that feeling everytime you want to eat. drink more water.
Make a list of the reasons why you are doing this in the first place.
Remember the comments you have/will recieve "have you lost weight? your looking good" etc etc.
You need to get your mindset away from what you have left/ how long you have left/ how hungry you are/ etc etc and focus more on...
how good will i look/ how healthy i will be/ How you have already done nearly a quater of this.
It was never ever ever going to be easy- but its quick. Its short term. Its a few weeks without food for you to feel so so much better.
Whenever I feel like i want/ need to eat- put things into perspective.
there must have been a million reasons why you chose to do this- and you just need to keep them at the front of your head.
I really hope you stick with it =]


Happily pro pointing!
Hi Wobbly
Sorry you are finding it such a struggle.
The first few days I was starving, my tummy was growling and I wanted to die. After that I was totally fine, didn't feel hungry at all. However, your body does have a lot to adjust to. Your bowel habits will change and this could be what is happening to you. Constipation can make you feel sick. (if you think that might be it, we can offer lots of solutions ;) )

I have found a lot of it is mind over matter. If you think you are hungry, then you will be. If you think you are struggling, you will struggle. Positive thought really does work to an extent.
You really do need to try and think positive.

You have come to the right place though, you will get lots of help and support on here.

There is a great post by icemousse which I will link for you, it really helped me. http://www.minimins.com/very-low-calorie-diet-s/2149-two-kinds-people-who-do-vlcd.html


Hate it but doing it!
Hi ladies. I'm so trying to be positive but i'm finding it really difficult. I know i should think that it's a brilliant thing and i should think of "hunger as my friend", (as my doctor once told me). I just didn't realise that the process would take so long to calm down.
I must admit i'm not going to the loo very often at all, prob once a week, and even then it's not worth writing home about!, so perhaps that may be an issue. Is there anything that could be taken for that as i'm paranoid about having anything that could throw me out of ketosis.
We've just booked a holiday, (we weren't going to have one this year), but with everything going t*ts up for us this past year we need to get away. It helps in a way to have a bit of a focus.
I'm not even going to think about trying to get pregnant until my weight's under control and i'm healthy but being able to aim for a holiday in June is a help.
One thing that is really annoying though is that we've out of both the Toffee and Cranberry bars, we've been told by our counsellor that there is a supply problem, has that been the same for you?? We're paying an awful lot of money for this and we can't have the supply that we would like. I'm surviving on Banana and Vanilla shakes at the mo!!


Happily pro pointing!
Yes, once a week and nothing to write home about. Know where you are coming from there :sigh:
There are a couple of things you can do for that.
One, we can take ducolax to shift it.
Two, we can have psyllium husks to prevent it. I am getting some tomorrow. You can get them from most health food store.
Plenty of water should help too. However, if there is not much there, it isn't going to move.
The psyllium, help bulk things up and keep it moving.
I wouldn't be surprised if that is it. I know it makes me feel rotten. I had never had it before LL.
Having something to aim for does help, but I tell you once it starts falling off that really gets you fired up. Dropping clothes sizes is a major buzz :D
There is a national shortage of Cranberry, crispy peanut and toffee, this is supposed to sorted quite soon. They just didn't think the new bars would be so popular (crispy nut and cranberry were only bought out in September).
It is also worth retrying stuff, I know my tastes have changed over the weeks.
Also cooking them helps too. The lemon bar made into biscuits is delish, eaten straight from the pack they make me gag LOL.
I live on lattes, muffins, lemon biscuits and mushroom soup. I didn't like the soups until I added pepper and lo salt to them.
You can also make mousses and custards from the shake packs, and crisps from the soup packs, which a lot of us do on here.
There is a recipe thread at the top, however, many of us have found they need a little tweaking. So if there is something specific you want to try just ask how we do it.
Enjoy the board, they are a lovely bunch on here and we will do our best to help :)
Hi Wobbly. Don't give up!

You and I must have started the same week as it's my 21st day tomorrow and part of my reason for losing weight is to get fit and healthy to try and conceive.

If you aren't feeling great on the program and can't find a reason why or a solution, I guess it's down to whether or not your current pain is worth the gain. Have your main goal in the back of your head and make little ones for along the way - even something like just having one more food pack meal, geting to the end of one more day! Think about what you have achived so far and how much more you WILL achieve soon. As Kellie said, you are almost a quarter way through!

You can do it! And we're all here to support you! Good luck! xxx
Some people do seem to carry on having hunger pangs. I've been doing this for coming up to five months now and still get them sometimes, especially when totm is due. They do subside though and now I most often get a kind of empty gnawing feeling, which isn't nearly as bad. Feeling ill is rough and it probably doesn't help to hear people say 'be positive' but sincerely, it does make a difference. Even coming on Minis and having a moan will help you to feel better! I did the same a week or two ago and felt so much better after reading a pile of supportive messages from these lovely strangers. So I have no advice really except, whatever you do, don't give up. Also do talk to your counsellor as your paying a lot of money for her support.
Best wishes,
There have a been some days, where all I could do was think of what I would eat if I could.

There have also been a few days where I have been very hungry - of FELT as if I was very hungry.

Then, I realises - those were both the same day....in other words, If I think about jacket potatoes and burgers....even though I can be around them...if I am THINKING about them....I get hungry. A very large part of feeling hungry when you are in ketosis IS either psychological or emotional. We might not think so, but it is, and you mind is a powerful tool and CAN make your tummy rumble.

On the days where I am busy or have my mind full of other things, and food soes not cross my mind, I feel no hunger....and have to remember to have my fourth pack.

Its strange.

And it is so true, being positive will also have a good effect. Not saying you are being negative at all - just saying there is an awful lot of power in positive thinking.

Hang in there....get some psyllim hsks, or we were told we can use fibresourc....and that should sort that out. That will make you feel poorly, so important to get that sorted.

Keep coming on here - you will get loads of support and empathy as we all have been / are there at one point ot another.



Hate it but doing it!
Hi everyone.
Thanks for the hugs on a page :grouphugg:. Hubby was supposed to be doing it with me but decided at the last mo that it wasn't for him so it's been difficult as he really doesn't understand. Although i have got him to try most of what i'm eating/drinking and he's having a better idea!!
I saw the link for the recipies, (bl**dy good idea, although i saw some greedy sod selling Lighterlife recipies on ebay), so i will definately give them a try, i'm going to go to a stop in and swap some of them over and try and be a bit more adventurous and hopefully that will help.
I promise i'll try and be more positive and focus on the good things.
I'm so pleased to hear that hopefully there should be some more bars on the horizon, they were keeping me going and my treat to eat when hubby was chowing down on a sausage and egg sandwich!!

Thanks everyone.

Keep smiling


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