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Newbie with a question, and probably more to come :)

hello. i've just started doing this diet so might have quite a few questions :)

i'm clearing out my cupboards today and only keeping things i'll be able to have and will eat

............ i have just looked up "Schwartz rich onion Gravy" on esource ... and it says its its only 1 point for the whole 200g packet !! ....... is this right ? cause this sounds too good to be true, i love gravy :)

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It says its 1pp for 200g but I would assume that was once it was made up, so depending on how you make it and how much you actually get from a 200g packet its probably more. Hope this helps x
thank you :)

its ready made gravy :) just tip it into a jug and heat in up in the microvave :)

Oh then fill your boots cos it's only 1pp for the lot!!!
:D ... hurray :D ... i'm not sure if i'd be able to eat it all in 1 go .... but its good to know when i have something that needs an extra bit of gravy ... ;)
How are things going for you so far, are you finding the plan suits you? If you've any other queries just shout!
hello. things are going great so far :) had my 1st weigh in last night and had lost 7 lbs so really happy :) .... so yes i think this plan must be working for me :) ..... as a busy mum always on the go i love how many things are quite low in points (e.g rice krispie cereal bars, and the WW biscuits and desserts) and that i can just pick up a weight watchers ready meal / dessert and know how many points it is and then i can just do free veg or salad (or fruit with dessert) to bulk it up :)

.........still going through my cupboards and do have a question for today :)

Tesco light choices orange juice drink .... it says on it 1 point per serving (doesn't say what a serving is though) however when i run it through the calculator it says 0 per 100ml and per 250 ml .... can i have this checked :) as i know people say about old points and not sure if the 1 was old points or if i do have to count it ....

nut. values:

Per 100ml:
protein: trace
fibre: trace


per 250ml
Protein: 0.2
carb: 2.2
fat : trace
fibre: trace

I'm getting 0 as well hon. What drink is this? Its not OJ is it? Just a squash or something?? x
7lbs is an excellent start!!!

The drinks is coming up as 0pp until you drink 550ml then its 1pp!
its an "orange juice drink" (its with the non chilled juice) i have the cranberry one too but not looked that one up yet :) ... it is a bit watery and not like thick "real" orange juice but as a juice with breakfast cant go wrong for 0 pp .... not sure i'd be able to drink 550 ml of it at a time but will make sure i keep that in mind as over a week i might do ! :)

Tesco Light Choices No Added Sugar Orange Juice Drink 1Ltr - Groceries - Tesco Groceries

7lbs is an excellent start!!!
thank you :) i was really pleased with it ... not expecting as much this week (everyone says 1st week is usually a big loss then smaller losses after that) but i'm, hoping will still be a good loss :)
Very nice! Gonna keep an eye out for that juice to have in the morning for 0pp, good find hon :D xx

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yep its definitely worth a look out for :) Thanks, i'm glad as a newbie to this diet that i could find something that will be of help others too .... i've just pointed the cranberry one too at 0pp (up to 550ml then its 1 pp) .... off too see what else i can find in my cupboard that might be a hidden low PP treasure :D

had a really nice 3pp chocolate orange pavlova for my dessert last using:
1x meringue nest - 1 pp
1x ww rich chocolate dessert - 2pp
1/2 a tin of mandarin segments in juice (juice drained) - 0 pp

was YUMMY .... and can't believe it was diet friendly :D

Tesco Light Choices Cranberry Juice Drink nut. values:

Pro: trace
carb: 0.7
fat: trace
fibre: trace

pro: trace
Carb: 1.8
fat: trace
fibre: trace

Ah of course, its always good to see things through fresh eyes!! I was avoiding juices because I had to point them so this is great news for me lol!!
Mmm I like your dessert choice... Might do that tonight if I have time to go get some mandarin segments after work. Yum yum! I have this light cream in a can I got in tesco too which is great for meringues, only 1pp per 30g so I might have that with it hehe! :D x

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yep, i'm looking for lots of ideas too.... i've tried to stick with things that were already pointed on them last week while i got my head round other things i could have so looking now to gradually swap the ww ready meals for "real" food :) ...... had to start on breakfast as thats the meal i usually miss so looking for quick, easy and low pp breakfast ..... so if i'm on the go its a kellogs rice krispie cereal bar (2 pp) ... if i have time to sit and eat breakfast its toast or a ww bagel with flora light (6pp) .... and then fruit if i'm still hungry ... and now i can have both with my 0pp orange juice drink :)

now i'm on dessert :) ... so i've so far had peaches with ww vanilla yoghurt (1pp) ... and then my dessert i did last night (3pp)

i thought i was going to have to miss out on juice too so really glad i found this as i love orange juice for / with my breakfast

ohhh thank you i love cream .... will definitely have to get some of that too :D ... i think that will definitely go well with my dessert ... either instead of the chocolate bit or as well as for only 1 pp more :) ..... going to use a ww chocolate and vanilla mousse (3pp) with my meringue and fruit tonight ..... really want it with mandarin segments again though too but i've run out of them now ... and its pouring with rain !! :(



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That dessert sounds lovely! I am making Eton Mess tomorrow, berry medley from tesco, with 4xmini meringues crushed and 30g light squirty cream for 3pp and maybe add some WW choc desert for 2 more cause I've a million points left! Good going on your first loss!
That dessert sounds lovely! I am making Eton Mess tomorrow, berry medley from tesco, with 4xmini meringues crushed and 30g light squirty cream for 3pp and maybe add some WW choc desert for 2 more cause I've a million points left! Good going on your first loss!
Thank you :D

my dessert is lovely :) ... i'm having it again tonight as still got 11 points left ... might even crumble some ww chocolate chip mini cookies over it for 2 more points (as still not got any cream yet as i keep forgetting it) and i've been really good today as me and some mates took our kids bowling and the kids ate there and the only things on offer were beef burgers / chicken burgers with chips or nachos and cheese so i waited till i got home and a tesco light choices chicken and broccoli pie (10pp) with veg (0pp) :)..... so really hoping for a good loss on tuesday again cause if i don't i'm gonna wish i'd had the cheeseburger and chips !! where as if i have a good loss i'll be really glad i didn't have it and stayed being good :)

your eton mess dessert sounds really yummy !! .... i think i'll have to get the ingredients and try that next week :D

Sounds good hon. well done on resisting! You have a food diary on here hon? If not you should start one, I'd love some more ideas ;)
Make sure to use your daily pp if you can hon, use it or lose it as they say hehe! Xx

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thank you :)

i haven't started one yet ... might make that my goal for the weekend :)

lol i'm struggling to use all my points in a day as its more then i would usually eat so i feel i don't need them as it makes me feel like i'm eating cause i have too :( ... i'm sure this will soon change though once i start to want to go back to real food and not mainly sticking to the ww pp counted foods :)

will definitely post lots of recipe ideas / my low pp finds on it as i think of them :) ... mainly so i have them all in one place so i can find them easily when i want them again :)


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