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newbie witha few questions.


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Hi everyone, just stumbled across this site. Read a few threads and everyone seems really friendly and doing really well!

I decided yesterday to do this diet, after a few weeks thinking about it and discussing it with my oh. I have rung a councellor in my area and left her a message, so in the meantime.

What happens when she comes to see me? Do i start straight away or do i hve to get the dr to sign first?
I want to lose about 1 1/2-2 stones, how long does it roughly take? I guess this is the same that the bigger you are the quicker the weight falls off? Im a size 12 and want to get down to a 10.

Really excited about starting it. :)

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hey and welcome
im new too, started today.... so far so good :D
when iwent to see my counsellor, she talked me through the diet and what i would do, then she weighed me and took measurements
i didnt have to get the doctor to sign.... i think thats if your BMI is over a certain range?
i bought my foodpack from her on friday, and started today.
think you could lose a stone in a month??? not 100% sure though... ill let the experts answer you lol

good luck
Hi mumto4

When you go and see ur cdc she will weigh u and may measure u and just give u general advice.
You can start straight away unless u need a doctors signature- u need this if ur bmi is 40 or over.
You will lose on average a stone a month no matter what size you start at im pretty sure the stone a month is the same across the board unless u start on a higher plan.
Since ur a size 12 just now wanting to be a size 10 i shouldn't thnk u'l be on it too long!!!
Good luck whatever u decide!! x


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Thanks girls for that info. Fingers crossed can start soon !! :)


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Spoken with a councellor. I need drs approval because i am on meds. Hope they don't charge! Daft question, but do i need to make an appointment to get this done, or can i just take it into the surgery? I know if i make an appointment i'll get it quicker. Thanks


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mumto4, i should make an appointment, as doctor needs to weigh you ect. And if you drop it in, there likey to charge! mine charges £30!


Must do it this time
Just Want To Say Welcome To Minis It`s Great On Here,
Elaine X
Only need doc if ure bmi is over 40. I dunno bout meds? There maybe a thread already on here bout that. Try search engine.

Thanks girls. The cdc has posted me a letter out for drs consent. Didn't really wanna go via dr as takes longer and i wanna start now!! LOl

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