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Newbie would like some advice please!


I have been reading about The Cambridge Diet and am very keen.
However I cant work out from the website where you meet with your counseller. This is very important for me as I am a mother of two very young children. Do you meet your counseller at your home? Their home? At a church hall or somthing similar? Does it differ from counseller to counseller?

Also, how have you found it? Is maintaining the weight loss afterwards very difficult? Do you tend to put it back on once you start eating real food again?

Any strange symptoms? I have heard horror stories of bad breath and hair loss!


Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Loving the Cambridge Diet

Most people go to the Counsellor's home.

The manky mouth and death-breath comes with ketosis - some folks don't get it at all.

I absolutely adore the Cambridge diet and can highly recommend it. I have had next-to-no problems whatsoever since day 1. As you see I have lost over 6 stones in 21 weeks!

Am still losing weight so can't answer your question on maintenance although the Cambridge Plans are structured to add specific carbs along the way up to 1500 calories so that you don't gain weight.

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hi and welcome to Minis

Most counsellors work from home and you visit them at a convenient time. I think most of them would allow you to take your children with you if necessary.

If you follow the diet and the maintenance steps correctly you should not gain weight. As with any diet, if you go straight back to old habits the weight will come back.

The bad breath is a side effect unfortunately. Drinking plenty of water helps, and using breath fresheners. The hair loss doesnt happen to everyone. I did get a little bit of hair loss after about 3 months but it soon grew back. Its definitely nothing to worry about.

Good luck with the diet and merry christmas xx

Any strange symptoms? I have heard horror stories of bad breath and hair loss!

I don't suffer from bad breath and hair loss and i'm six weeks on track now. It's a super diet that really does what it promises.




please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
i had the death breath for a few weeks but its fine now
my hair was falling out before cd and has acctually thickened up since i started and is soooooo shiny now

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Hi there jharris & welcome to minimins, it's great place to be with loads of advise & support.

I had no bad breath, didn't lose any of my hair infact the only side effect i had was on day 3. while at work i went very light headed & almost passed out. Mind you at that particular time i was working on a surgical ward which was extremely hot, i hadn't drank enough water that night & the patient we were dealing with at the time i went light headed had a very smelly infected wound. so to be honest i wasn't surprised i almost passed out, probably had nothing to do with the diet!?

I do find maintaining my weight is difficult mainly coz i still think the same way i did when i was fat. I love my food & i doubt that will change for a while yet, so maintain by continuing to have one CD pack everyday as a meal replacement & if i've over eaten one day i'll switch back to the packs for a day or two.

I know it's not the right way to maintain but it works for me & thats whats important!

If you decide to join CD i'm sure you'll be ranting to everyone how great this diet is, most of us do. Good luck with what you choose.....xxx
I see my counsellor roughly once a month as I get paid monthly. I first saw her and bought two weeks of products, the second time I bought a months supply and the third time I bought a months supply so I won't need to see her again until the end of January. She comes to my house either before work or on a weekend. I think some people see their counsellor every week but once a month works well for me. If I have any questions I can text, email or phone her. This suits me as it wouldn't be convenient for me to go to her and I wouldn't really have time to see her every week as she is about 15 miles away from me and I don't have a car as I commute to work.

I had the smelly breath for a few days when I started on 1st November. You can have gum to get rid of the taste. I've just had a few days off for Christmas and will be getting back on with it tomorrow and to be honest, I can't wait!

I've found drinking the water quite easy. I normally have around 4 litres a day and then in the evening I also have a can of Coke Zero (just makes a change having a different flavour drink). I don't drink tea or coffee as I don't like the taste but I think you can also drink these so long as you don't have milk in them.

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