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hi guys, i am a newbie to,
started today,
just want to check my food so far

breakfast: shake
snack: baby tomatoes and cumber with humous dip
lunch: cs soup

drinking lots of water and weeing for england.

does green tea class as part of your tea allowance. and how many tea and coffes can you have in a day. is it 6 in total

has anyone tried the choc orange shakes and choc mint shakes. ordered them yesterday hoping to cure my chocolate craving.:confused:
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Heya, what you have had so far is fine :)

I dont know about Green Tea...as I don't really drink a lot of it. But I do drink alot of tea, and do sometimes count that towards my 2litres. Especially when I'm home on my day off.

I don't know if anyone else does that.

Hope this helps?

If you can though, just make sure there is no sugar in it.

Sugar is carbs essentially....but I suppose a tiny bit wont hurt.
if it's not loads then yeah.

houmous is made from peas, and as a rule, they tell you on CS to steer clear of peas.

But a little bit wouldnt hurt.
just bought soem avid light, chocolate and vanilla flavour. are they nice
amazed at the diference in price:eek:
welcome to out little club :)
im worried about buying the avidlite in case im not losing weight on it as its not the CS brand...if that makes sense lol what i mean is.. Is it good ?
I know what you mean Rachdc about being worried that you won't lose weight on the Avidlite but I'm working on the principle that because the carbs are alot lower than CS I should lose weight quicker.

I am combining both at the moment and bought the choc & vanilla shakes - don't like the choc but the vanilla is fine. They are very thick so you do need to add more liquid unless you like them like this. I've been adding water instead of milk as the girls on here have suggested on the Dietmeal Forum and because I too am a chocolate freak I have a CS bar at lunch time - the carbs in these are alot lower than the CS shakes. This stops me craving chocolate.

I like my tea as well but I've cut back because milk has carbs in and I was drinking nearly a pint of milk a day just in my brews. I do drink green tea if I'm in a Chinese restaurant and it hasn't affected my weight loss, I'm sure you must be able to count it towards your water but 2 ltrs isn't really that much I found.

At the end of the day it's up to your taste buds and purse - You can't go wrong with CS it really is a no-brainer and there's loads of choice.

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