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Ok just a quick note from me........first weigh in tonight done everything ok i think!!! my scales say about 3lbs though so that doesn't sound very good when you see lots of other people on these forums losing alot more than that in their first week.....please can someone just advise me a little bit
Thanks xxxxx
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first few weeks are a little confusing but you'll soon be in the swing of things. How did WI go at club? If it was 3lbs that's a pretty good start. I lost that in my first week too:)
Thanks i am sooooooo happy i have to say after coming off the cambridge i really didn't think i would get a decent weight loss i was worried but i just followed it and found it ok not missing out on anything that is the main thing!!!
Thank you all again so much
Here is to an amazing week and yeah who knows might get the 1/2 stone award next week........how do i do my ticker by the way LOL
Nope still haven't sorted out ticker!!!! I am not too good at this sort of thing hehehehehe ty all for the warm welcome, i just cant understand this i am just not missing anything at the moment and my passion at the moment is home made lasagne and pasta salad!! OMG YUMMY YUMMY drooling just thinking of it!!
Does anyone else have any suggestions so i don't get totally bored don't want to ruin how focused i am :eek:)
luv Sharon xxxx
OMG 4lbs

Hello all.............well what can i say been a very busy few weeks for me working like a dog and back to college as well!! lost another 4lbs can't quite get my head around it i have to say hope everyone else is having a great time of this diet like me
Take care and speak soon going to have a look at some other posts.....got lots of catching up to do me thinks.
luv sharon xxxx
Well hope ya all doing well!! lots of amazing stories on here i just can't get over how easy this diet is and why oh why didn't i do this earlier hindsight is such a marvelous thing, ty all so much for your warm words of kindness
Take care everyone and have a great week
luv sharon xxxx
Wow, great results :)

3 WIs and 3 x slimmer of the week? Be careful, the rest of your group will go off you :rotflmao:
Sorry had to change one of the slimmer of the weeks lol it wasn't right i had three weigh ins and two slimmer of the weeks you can't win it first week hahahaha it was supposed to be the 1/2stone one must of put it up wrong but yes really happy with the results so far i will be just happy with 1lb this week just worried the last one was fake if that makes sense LOL i was good no cheating but just a shocker :eek:
Take care
luv Sharon xxxx
p.s just sat here typing and eating my home made syn free soup YUMMY YUMMY!! :D long may this continue (did want choccy yesterday i have to say)

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