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Hi Everyone

I am starting the CD on Tuesday, I cannot wait but at the same time I am petrified!! :confused:

I am easily 5 stone overweight and really need to do something!

I successfully lost nearly 4 stone in 2008 doing slimmingworld but then we decided to try for another baby, I got pregnant within 3 months and piled it all back on and more :cry:

My new baby daughter is 4 months old now and I am running out of the baby excuse!!

I am doing this for me and for both my daughters. I am miserable when I am bigger and just so embarrased with my size.

I had a bit of a result earlier, a friend of my sisters did the CD last year and she had 4 boxes of food leftover all still in date. I have just bought it all for £50 there was 82 sachets all mixed.

Do you think that my CDC will have a problem with this? I have only spoken to her over the phone and I do not actually meet her until Tuesday!

I have looed round the site and it is fab. the before and after pics are so inspirational!

Well done everyone and I will keep you all posted with my weightloss succes hopefully!! :D
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** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
Hiya hun. Welcome & good luck on your journey. I was scared too but it's nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. You'll be fine. x
Use the packs!!! What a touch!!

Your CDC will be pleased she has another client full stop;) so don't worry bout the pack thing, as they'll run out before you know it LOL x

Firstly, welcome and good luck with your
weight loss

Brill on getting those pack's, that will really help start you off!

I'd like to think your CDC wont mind, you could always tell her it's stuff you had left over previously or whatever. I would suggest you don't start until you've met your CDC and been weighed/measured so that you're
officially monitored.

Good luck!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hi Truffle :) Im new to, started today ... just going to try a soup out ..
Good luck for tomorow :)
I lost 5 1/2 stone in 2006 in 20 weeks - so it will work - you just have to stick with it. Congratulations on the baby and good luck with CD. Let us know how you get on.

A x
Thanks everyone for your lovely replies!!

I have just me my CDC and she is so lovely!

I am throwing my first ever CD soup down my neck as I type!! I am excited and very nervous although a big reality check when she weighed me and I have put on nearly a stone in the past 3 weeks!! :(

I will keep you all updated!

Thankyou to all the replies!!:D

I have met my CDC today and she is lovely and was fine about me using the other stuff although I bought a weeks worth from her anyway!

I have just had my first CD Soup and it was surprisingly really nice!

There are excess sweets etc lying around the place that are my daughters from christmas and I am fairly sure they are calling my name!!!:8855:

Anyway, heres to a successful 1st week!!!


PS: Can anyone tell me how I write my little goals stuff at the bottom of my page, I have tried to do it in my signature and it says I have used too many letters???

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
That's great news hun. Well done on starting & ignore those naughty sweeties!!! lol

The more you post the more you can put in your signature so you've probably reached your limit right now.

Look around & make new friends & you'll soon have made enough to add more to your signature. x :D
Oh I didnt think my first response posted!! Sorry for the overlap!

I better get typing away then so that I can get my signature done!! :)

How has the past few days been Jools??

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
A good trick is to play a few games. If you have a look round there's a few word game threads that help your posts mount up quickly! ;)

It's been really good thanks. Not nearly as bad as I was expecting (maybe I'm one of the lucky ones).

So how much are you looking to lose? Are you doing ss or ss+? x
Awww good, Im glad you are finding it easy! I am ok at the moment, I feel a bit jittery as all I can think about is eating and im not even hungry!!!

I have set myself a goal to lose 2 stone to begin with and then more after that - I need to lose 5 stone but I think personally its an unrealistic target at the moment and if I can set myself short term ones then I will find it easier - does that make sense lol?

I am on SS, what about you are you SS?

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
Very good plan, lots of little mini goals. Sounds totally doable.

I'm doing ss too.

Just noticed we're about the same size with similar goals so we'll be able to help each other all the way!

Gotta shoot off back to work now, catch you later. Have a good afternoon. x :)
Im just back from the school run!

Yeah we are of similar weights it would be good to spur each other on!

I have just put a casserole on for the rest of the family and my god it smells so delicious its so hard but I am determined to do it. I very nearly had a little spoonful :mad: but I ran into my bedroom and looked in the mirror - that soon changed my mind!! :)


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Truffleshuffle.
Just wanted to wish you all the best on your journey.. I started off similar weight to you and the weight came of in know time.
Ignore the sweeties calling out to you.. and when you are cooking food for the family if you find it tough around that time keep yourself a shake or when you can have a bar a bar for that time of day..
Its so worth it I feel like a new person having lost 6 1/2 stone last year..
Heres to a slim 2010 xxxx
Thank you so much curly!!! It is really motivating and ispiring when I read everyone elses journey I just hope that will be me ina few months!!

This site is fab! :) x x x
Well I survived day 1......... Although I am rather peckish, im just keeping to the water!!

Going to bed soon becasue I know i will only get grumpy shortly because I am hungry :(

I will see you all in the morning (I cant wait for breakfast lol)

Night Night :D

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
Well done on getting through day 1. Have a good night's sleep & you'll be into day 2 before you know it! x :D

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