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Hi all, My name Rachel, i'm 31 and need to lose about 2 stone.:wave_cry:

I've been lurking on here since just after Christmas but have finally decided to give the diet a go. So today is day 1 on Exante. Have had a strawberry shake to start me off. Which i didn't really enjoy i must admit. Tasted very salty to me (do they all taste like that?) I held my nose and got it down me!!! lol. I'm glugging water down like it's going out of fashion.

Got a choc and orange bar for lunch and am gonna try the mushroom soup for tea.

So far i don't feel to bad. Abit lightheaded but nothing to crazy. It is only 10.30 though!!! lol

Well that's me, looking forward to chatting to you all soon.

Rach x
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Hi Rachel! :welcome2:
The lightheadedness goes after a couple of days, I felt pretty spaced out by the end of day one but don't worry!

I'm on day 6 and really enjoying it! It is hard work though but worth the results.

There's a thread on here about product adjustment to help make things more palatable. I haven't noticed the shakes to be salty but I am more a savoury fiend than a sweet tooth. The other ladies on here suggest a tablet sweetener to make the shakes goes down easier :) Also, you'll find if you have a nosey around, that most of us tend to make up the shakes with more water than it says to - makes it a lot easier to drink!

Anyway, good luck and looking forward to hearing about your successes!


taking it 1 day at a time
Welcome and good luck. You should be able to get that 26lb off reasonably quickly. Just remember that now is the time to start thinking about maintenance. I got to goal last summer but dropped back into my old ways and put most of my weight back on. I won't be making that mistake again.

Onwards and downwards.......
Good luck :):),

I had the vanilla shake and tom soup ,,i thought the shake was great compared to others iv had and the soup was nice with a bit of adjustment.

and trust me on this iv done cd lost 5 stone (have kept most off ) and hated everything but choc tetra:( ,I'm no fussy eater at all but could not stand the stuff so I'm surprised I'm finding exante palatable.

Im adding fresh herbs like tarragon and coriander to my soups as i love them and helps me to like them more if i have stuff i really like in them lol

ill also start making them in to mouses at some point but ill get first week out the way first (not in the rules but like i said iv done VLCD'S and know what works for me and my old cd councillors sold stuff to make mouse and a good cheaper substitute )

Oh dear
you started off with the most universally unliked shake(as seems to be on this

they don't seem salty to me, but then I was a salt fiend
I like the way they are not at all sweet
gets rid of my rampant sweet tooth too
Chuck in some tablet sweetner to even it out a bit.

Strangely enough I can tolerate the strawb ones better than the vanilla ones. But 1) it all comes down to personal taste, and 2) you get used to them and will develop your own tweaks. I do most of the shakes hot. I'm actually quite liking the bars now, and look forward to 'orange day'!

I do over-water both the soups and the shakes though. Makes them a bit less cloying.

But to be honest, it's simply a low calorie nutrient delivery system, and they're aren't going to be the most delicious things going, they're mostly designed to do a job. Bear that in mind and look in the bright side. (It's all much better now than it was a decade ago!)

Re the fuzzy head - it may well get worse before it gets better. You *might* have a git of a headache tomorrow. However hang in there, take it one day at a time, and you should be feeling better by day 5.

Congrats on starting it, and good luck for sticking with it.
Hi and welcome

I did not like any of the soups or shakes at first, they all tasted bland and far too creamy, I just gulped them down like medicine initially, but 3 weeks in and I am really enjoying the shakes (except chocolate). I dont add anything to them. Soups I am still not sure about, I hope they taste better over time. Good luck, the results are great if you stick to it and drink at least 3-4 litres of water.
I always add seasoning to the soups - salt & pepper - and if it's a soup I really don't like then I add cayenne pepper as well - kills the taste!! I like all the shakes - just add a sweetener.

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