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Hi everyone

I'm starting Exante on the 11th April, I still have some CD packs left over from an earlier attempt (unsuccessful!) which I'll use up, but as I'm currently working less than part time I need a cheaper option as this seems to fit the bill!

Does anyone know if it differs greatly from CD or LL? Also they don't seem to do water flavourings and I HATE plain water!!! Any ideas?

I have about nine stone to lose, a mammoth task but I feel really ready for it now!

Would love to hear from anyone who's started, finished or starting. Also is there anyone who would like to get a group together and share weigh-ins and trials/tribulations?!

Sam x
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Hello. I am due to start tomorrow just waiting for my delivery today. Fingers crossed and good luck to you x


Slim for Summer!
Hi booboo! I'm starting this Sat :) I think that Exante is pretty much the same stuff as CD etc, but without the councelling that LL & CD have. I hate the taste of plain water too, but honestly as I've been drinking more I've kind of gotten used to it! Good luck & we can all do this! :) x
Hi Millux

Thanks for the welcome and the water advice. I suppose if I stick with it and perhaps try carbonated water too it might not be so bad. Positive thinking!!

Sam x
The biggest difference with Exante is that they no longer have counsellors and there are no meetings - to be honest that was part of what appealed to me about it.

Re the food taste, I have no experience to compare it to but I find the Exante products to be OK. They're not delicious, but they are not gaggingly awful either. Even the ones that aren't so good can be improved with a little tweaking!

There are some drinks apart from water that seem to be OK for some peole on VLCDs. Have a look at flavoured water, reject any that contain citric acid but try any that don't. Perfectly Clear apple is one, and Sainsburys fizzy strawberry and kiwi is another. Similarly Coke zero and Dr Pepper zero have no citric acid either. Best thing to do is experiment, try them sparingly, if your weight loss is going OK use them, if you're not happy drop them and see if it improves.

This forum IS a group where we can weigh-in and get together, albeit in a virtual sense. Some of the posters on here are nearly at goal, some like you are just starting out, most of us are somewhere in between, but we are all ready to listen and support when you need us. Be warned that some of us will be honest to the point of bluntness in our opinions though! There may be people local to you who would be interested in some kind of regular meeting but to be honest, personally although there are a few people on here that I would love to meet some day I hope it would be as friends and not in that kind of a setting, as I said earlier the non-group thing was one of Exante's appealling points!
aww, thats such a lovely reply!

The fact that this diet doesn't have a group (in the physical sense) appealed to me too!
I didn't want to meet for an evening every week and discuss why i was fat etc, I prefer to knuckle down and sort the problem out and be in control of how and when i needed support.
The people that I have introduced to the diet have said that its that aspect that appeals to them too.

This forum, and the people who contribute to it are great, its there when you need to dip in and out of it and we're all going through the same struggles without the committment and hassle of having to have a weekly meeting.

It sunny and i want to spread the love, lol:)


Still Motivated
Welcome Sam,

Welcome to here and looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

I do not have much else to add to what has already been posted in reply already.

Is there a specific reason for your start date being the 11th April or is that when your CD supplies run out?

Love Myr xxx


taking it 1 day at a time
Hi Sam, just wanted to welcome you to the forum and wish you luck. Hope to see less of you over the coming weeks and months.
Hello All!
I am also new to the Exante Diet and to Forums!
I started on Monday as my Mum and 1 of my sisters are already on it, the other sister is starting when she returns from Holiday next week so I took a week's supply from her with the idea I would give it a go for just a week. I weighed myself today and I've lost 11lbs! I CANNOT believe it. I've now ordered my 'bumper' pack and will be continuing with this for as long as I can!
I've never done a diet like this only WW and SW so I thought NO FOOD would be really hard but to be honest its been ok and MUCH better then I thought it would be. I am drinking LOADS of water and I find that also helps to forget about eating.
Good luck when you start on the 11th April
I can't wait to weigh myself on Monday and find out how much I've lost in a week!
Hi Yambabe, thank you for the welcome and the drink suggestions. I'll give them ago and see what occurs. Also I didn't realise I could post weigh-ins and stuff direct to this forum so I'll do that after my first week. Many thanks!

Also thank you to Myr, Gina, Red77 and Blonde82!

Myr I start on the 11th as yes, that's when my CD packs run out.

Well done Blonde82, fantastic result!!!

Thanks to all again!

It hard to get your head round the no food thing

I wouldn't think too much about it, or you will get hungry

let's point out that all or most of us are doing the total solution
and it's not that hard


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