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Hi guys, my name is Sarah and i am starting SS today. I have a whopping 196lb's to lose - cant believe i let myself get this big!!! I just hope that i can stick to it, i have been reading some of the threads on here and they are fab.

I have been thinking about doing this diet for a few weeks as my OH and i want to try for another baby - we already have a 9 yr old - but i am not willing to get pregnant while i am still so big. However, the deciding factor was last weekend. We went to our local beach and my OH and our son went on all the rides at the fairground and i couldnt go on them because i just KNOW that im too big.

I was sat there watching them having fun while i was sweating and feeling miserable. And there were all these thin ppl looking at me. And im so paranoid that im sure they are thinking "OMG what is HE doing with HER". I am incredibly lucky with my OH - we have been together since i was 13 (21 yrs) and he is always telling me how much he loves me and how lovely i am. But i dont feel lovely and its started to affect every area of my life and it has to stop.

My mother-in-law (who is lovely) also worried me the other day (shes a nurse) and she said she is really worried about me because im at serious risk from having a heart attack or stroke and that sturck home too.

Anyway that's my story. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone.

Can someone tell me how to get one of those tracker thingy's?

Sarah xx

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Mad as a Hatter
Good morning mate

How are you today ? the weather is glorious here - just a shame that I am stuck in work for most of the day

Have a good one and get glugging that water



One day at a time!
Welcome to CD - it's a great way to lose significant amounts of weight quickly. You will soon be melting away and feeling motivated - just don't do what I did and let it all slip back again:(

It will not be easy but it WILL be worth it - there's masses of support on here so keep visiting.

BTW if you get your posts up to 50 you can look at people's photos and the slideshow (on bar at top of page) and it will really inspire you and show you it can be done. To get your posts up you can play some of the wordgames which are here somewhere - really racks up the posts quickly if you keep at them for a little while.

Look forward to seeing your first weigh-in and getting to know you:)


Mad as a Hatter
Morning Hunni

Hope that you had a good Bank Holiday weekend - I didn't - fell off the wagon on Friday and have only just climbed back on this morning !!!

Hope you have done better than me

Hi, you can do it. Another baby is a good driving goal. I think we might TTC for another baby one day, but for now I couldnt face putting baby weight on to what I am already.

good luck & keep posting. Would you like to be a WL partner with me ... I need to lose about 100lbs in total.
HI Madferret , I fell off on friday too and only just back on .. and the scales show an enormous gain .. i know some of this will be water .. but I am very mad with myself .. I just wanna get this last stone and a bit off , grrr me !!!!
hey Madferret, thanks :D

I would love a couple of WL buddies ...this is all new to me.


Mad as a Hatter
Well count me in..

Unfortunately it is NOT all new to me - but I do not seem to be able to get past week 1... boo hoo...

I got weighed yesterday after falling off the wagon over the weekend, and managed to lose 2lbs but it would have been great to get some more off and to stay on the wagon

Back on it this morning 100% this week - I will not fail !!!!!!

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