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Hi everyone,

I've decided to return to SW after quite a few years and i still have the book. It was the red & green day that i followed and since i'm not going to a class think i will stick with that. There seems to be a few different ways now but does anybody else just follow the red & green? Do you find that either one is better for weight loss? Do you watch your portion control on green days?

Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. I lost 2 stone on lighterlife but still have a stone to go and would like something i can follow for life.

Thanks again,
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Hey hun - and welcome back to SW. I stick to the original red and green days, i do find however that if i have too many green days my weight loss slows down or stops so i limit myself to two green days a week and i don't worry about limiting the carbs on those days, i just stick to the guidelines for those days. I do find my losses are better when i'm doing all red though.
Good luck with your weight loss plans and well done for losing so much already! xx
Thanks so much :) I just feel like i've done nothing but eat today, spaghetti, couscous, egg salad and potato lol. Think after eating so little i felt like i could have a blowout and now i feel bad !

Could you tell me if tescos own spaghetti in tomato sauce is free? I love it with worcester sauce but don't want to go wrong!

What do you have on a typical red and green day please?

Thanks again,


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I try and vary it as much as possible.
Red days main meal can be tuna, salmon, steak, chops, healthy fry up, chicken or turkey - i really do try and keep it very varied and depending on what meat i'm having i may or may not use a HEB for potatoes to go with it and serve it with LOADS of salad or veg and maybe use some syns for gravy.
Green days generally make me feel quite bloated and i feel like i've eaten far too much too! But main meal on a green could be syn free chips with egg and beans, the old fav jacket potato with tuna as a HEB or beans served with piles of salad, or pasta with sauce and loads of veg and of course corn on the cob!
I generally fill up on loads of superfree foods in between, so LOADs of fruit topped with mullerlight gets had at least once a day! There's a recipe section on here and people post their own food diarys - maybe you could get some inspiration from there??
Not sure about the tesco sauce but i can find out for you. xx
That all sounds great. Maybe i can just do 2 green a week and the rest red. I love fish too and salad, although i love mayo with salad grrrr, gonna have to be good xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
You can have mayo with salad Hun, just opt for the Hellmans extra light mayo and its 0.5 syns per level tbsp. I have it all the time!
Try keeping a food diary on here as well, we can have a look and help you out. Also, have a look at the other food diaries in the food diary section to give you some ideas. Variety is definitely the key with the SW plan.
Good luck and welcome!


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