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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well x

I am starting Slimming World tomorrow. I am armed with the new magazine and will be joining a group sometime this week.

The reason, I been on diets for ever! I am a kinda all or nothing girl and need to see results sharpish. I had a night out for the first time in about 2yrs on friday and decided to go shopping for a new outfit during the day......worst thing i could have done thinking i am a size 12 when actually a 16 was tight :( needless to say floods of tears in the dressing room and the severe kick up the ass i needed so today is the last day of eating crap and tomorrow morning 1st thing going for a weekly shop.

if you can give me any advice or tips on how to keep going without giving up i would much appreciate it. I always end up emotional eating i know it is my downfall x
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read, read and reread the pack you get given and stick to it! Stay to group as often as you can too as it will keep you on track and you'll meet new people who will very quickly become friends as well as find out about new foods etc

you should take an extra £1.95 with you as you'll find the october issue of the mag is in stock at the group you join too


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i've posted this tip before............ be organised......... try your best to plan all meals a week in advance if you can, all 3 meals and have low syn or free snacks in stock too. especially for your first few weeks when it be the hardest. If your anything like me, i had withdrawal symptoms from my previous high sugar diet. and the first weeks were hard, i was determined and sat eating a plate of cut up veg and cottage cheese cos felt hungry and wanted to munch............ but once you get going and have fulfilling meals, the inbetween snacking urge goes.
I've been posting my weekly food plans if you want any ideas. http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world/165322-weekly-meal-ideas.html

My best tip ever is: Don't see this as some quick fix temporary measure. We have all done crash diets and gained back more- if you want to break this cycle, see SW as a way of eating for life- enjoy the variety and health benefits (and treats!) and see this is the new you, not just a temporary measure for a problem that cannot go away overnight

Good luck, mate- we are with you all the way


Pink starz

Sexy abs....sooon !
hi everyone just a quick update decided to do body optimise instead of a class as my hours at work will be crazy over the next few months, thanx for all your tips and advice. I found found the last couple of days quite hard actually i am constantly hungry and nothing seems to stop the feeling I am not due totm so just dont get it. I know i shouldnt have but weighed myself and i am 4lb heavier than i was on monday surely thats not right..... gonna read everything from scratch and see where i going wrong :(
Good thing about SW is you shouldn't go hungry. Have a look round the forums for hints and tips. Keep a food diary and the 3 P's.
Plan Plan Plan!!

Stock up on lots of superfree and free food when you do your next shop and syn free snacks.

Please don't expect big losses at first. SW is about gradual lose so it stays off. It's healthy eating - not a diet! Good Luck! :)


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Tips to stay focused and not give up...

1) Everyone starts with the big picture in view - i'd like to weigh X, or fit into clothes size Y... Nothing wrong with that - keep it at the back of your mind, but work on other goals in the meantime - i'd like to loose 7lb by X (once you have an idea of your average losses are going to be after the first few weeks or so), wether X be a date, or an event that you have in hte calendar. Or it could be I want my "Club 10" (having lost 10% of your initial starting weight). Work on little mini targets to get you to the bigger one - rather then just focus on something that sometimes may seem a long way off - it's easier to take little steps then one large leap.

2) Plan and organise - if you're able to, then organise your meals around what you know you're having. not only does it mean you know you've got something that's on plan, ready to cook when you get home - but you'll probably save some money as you won't be buying extra that you don't need.

3) Read, read, and then reread all the information you're given on day 1. i can't stress this enough - it can appear a little confusing - but it doestwig eventually - maybe use the trick of after reading through the book that you look at some receipies and work out where the syns come from, what (if anything) is using the healthy extras, and so on.

4) Don't be afraid to ask for help - your consultant is there for just that, but ask here if you wish to as well. Just be prepared for multiple answers :)

5) Don't be scared to eat... This is NOT a diet. This is a lifestyle change. You'll be surprised how much you can eat and stay on plan and still loose weight. Eat till your full - preferably fruit and veg if you can.

6) Look at everything accumulatively. If in week 4 you loose 0.5lb after follownig the plan religiously the previous week - it can be a bit discouraging. However if in week 1 to 3 you lost 7.5lb (which is more then doable) - then overall in 4 weeks you've lost 8lb. 2lb a week average loss. No-one can complain about that. :)


Above all - enjoy it...

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