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Hi everyone, i have been on the xenical diet for 5 weeks now and sadly when i went for my weigh in last week i had put on :cry:
Im follow the portion and 5g rule so i dont know where im going wrong. I suffer for an underactive thyroid and the gp just put it down to that.
Any tips anyone can give me would be fantastic. Thanks you and good luck to every one. x
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Hiya Gemma,

Firstly, welcome to the forum and well done on making the first steps with Xenical (even though so far your experience isn't so positive)! Everyone is so lovely and will be here to support you, so post as much as you want.

I'm sorry to hear about your gain, but please try not let it upset you too much and please don't give in. In order for us to help you, can you post one or two days food diaries? Without meaning to sound patronising, sometimes you may be eating a few things that aren't as healthy as you think, or you may not be eating enough even, which puts your body into starvation mode!!

Also I'd measure yourself now and then again next week or even in a few weeks to see if there's a difference, even if it's just your waist as sometimes the scales aren't always a great indication.

Are you drinking plenty of water (or even water with sugar free squash), I try to drink 4 - 5 pints a day which really helps the body.

Chin up honey and hang on in there.

Kelly xxx
Thanks. I will get some measurements tomorrow and keep a food diary for the next couple of days. i could be doing it all wrong. my doctor just gave me the tablets and said eat "low fat". it was only looking it up on the internet that i found out about the 5g and portion rule. x
Good advice from Kelly there - I have nothing else to add :) but do post your food diary in a couple of days and we'll try our best to help you sort out what may be going wrong xx
yes firstly i would like to say welcome :)
post some foods that you are eating...
hope you dont feel too disheartend...
are you exercising????
that does have an effect....


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Hi hun,welcome and youve done the right thing by joining up here,i promise you'll learn lots of tips here and everyone will try to help you. :)

my thyroid,amongst other things is being investigated, so i do understand when health problems get in the way of dieting,but it really can be done :)

im havent too k my measurements yet,ive been meaning to do them the last few weeks and keep forgetting,but it is a good way for you to see your body changing. i would measure your waist,hips,arms,bust,thighs...you'll see the difference.ticker factory are now doing a ticker for measurements.

i drink 1.5 litres of volvic water a day,the gently flavoured water,and its really nice and it does really help to cleanse your system,replenish whats lost and it can help to fill you up or stop a hunger pang.

exercise is key,is goes hand in hand with dieting and a healthier lifestyle,doesnt matter what you do,but its good to do something..start small and build it up and it can make you feel good..i cant believe ive said that,as someone who skived pe lessons for years and avoided all forms of exercise for years, but i feel better for what i do,do. :)
good luck!! :bunnydance:
thanks everyone. i will be putting up my food diary either tonight or tomorrow. i joined my fitnesspal and put in my food intake, it stated that i wasnt eating enough. hopefully when i weigh myself later there might be a lil difference. :)
good luck!
i take green tea tablets (from boots) as i have never tried green tea in its self...

try adding chillis as well to your cooking. they help!
right..got diet sorted now, managed to speak to someone and yes..i wasnt eating enough. Gonna go to shops on sunday and get some green tea. weighing myself tomorrow..so fingers crossed. xx


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how did ya go???

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