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Hi i am thinking of doing LT i have about 5 stone to lose have tried every diet under the sun even applied for gastric banding but told not fat enough ( have to have BMI over 40 )
i have seen the LT dvd and am really wanting to do this only problem is xmas will be hard as i cook for all the family and parents i really want to start this side of xmas but frightened it ill all go to pot over xmas
any suggestions or help
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Start TFR now, then refeed 2 weeks before Christmas then restart in new year


try starting 2 shakes a day and one proper meal, you find that easier to carry on over Xmas

good luck in whatever you choose xx
It totally depends on you, you have plenty of time to lose a couple of stone if not more before xmas, a lot of people have lost their weight in stages and have done very well. Might be a good idea to get a head start and be half way there by xmas than to wait till after and still have 5 stones to go. Good luck xxx
yes i think i will do this before xmas
i was just a bit worried that the pharmacist would not like me doing it in stages
but i could lose weight before and decide not to let xmas ruin it for me
thanks for your help
Hi Kingsweet, I think it would be a good idea to start now as Daisy said, you'll be half way to your goal in the time between now and Christmas and losing all that weight will give you great encouragement to keep going after Christmas.
Good luck whatever you decide ;) x


Will be thin god dammit!!
Im doing what your doing - my pharmacist is fine with me refeeding for the christmas period and then getting back on plan in the new year - Good luck!
well ive made the appointment and hopefully they will say it is ok for me to start on monday
i am a little frightened as never done a all liquid diet before and i love pepsi max but have bought lots of fizzy water
i know myself i am a food addict and hopefully this will go well for me i seem to be ok as long as i dont have to think about food but have to cook for disabled lady and daughter so hope this is not to hard
looking forward to starting my journey of losing weight before my oldest daughter gets married in may
i dont want to be the fat mother of the bride
One of the best things about this diet is it allows you to examine exactly when you crave food and what triggers it. I've found it really interesting to see when my brain jumps to eating mode..it allows me to focus on the exact causes and address them. Hopefully it will be the same for you Kingsweet. Just remember to log on here a lot in the first few days, they are the hardest and you will want to give in to the cravings, drink loads of water...I mean loads..it will really help with the hunger and the headaches. Remember to stay strong, keep telling yourself that you are strong and can do this..because you are and you can!! x
good luck with which ever route you decide, I didn't plan to go on TFR at all had heard and read all about it a while ago. I just thought at work one day I've had enough - drove to the chemist and never looked back. I have found that I am cooking more now (for my husband and little one) than I was before, which I find strange.

The only advice I would give you is to start when you aren't at work (presuming you work) as, for me, day 2 was awful.



Will be thin god dammit!!
I find myself cooking a lot more too!
Its weird but there you go - as for triggers Ive definately discovered exactly when it is i reach for the fridge! ( of course now i only get a bottle of water out!)
I think they are maintenance bars Deborah, or do you mean the flapjacks?

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