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Hi i'm in need of some advice, I seem to have no will power at all!!
i joined Slimming world last April haven't really done it properly tho if i'm honest, and have lost then put on all the time,:sigh:
I know alot of my friends have had success with the diet and it sounds like it would suit me as you can eat alot,

I think i find it hard coz i am on my own with my little girl whos 8 and its so easy to get chippy teas etc think i need to prepare more

any ideas anyone??

Becciboo x
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Hi Becciboo,

Welcome. My advice to you would be plan, plan, plan. I have had to completely change the way that I plan food. I have to think about the beginning of the week and decide what I'm going to eat so that I have food in. And then make sure that I have time to prepare. If I don't have time to prepare, I either eat stuff that's easy (salad etc) or from the freezer. That way I know I can have food that I like (and therefore less likely to graze). Once the weight started coming off, the incentives are there and I want to keep going.

Good luck. The people here are really supportive too which has helped.

Gail x
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To succeed it has to come from within. You have to want to do it and be prepared for it to be tough to start with.

No diet is easy. No diet works without YOU making it work.

The beauty of SW is that there is so much you can eat if you study the books or join a group you can not fail if you stick with the plan. If you don't you will fail. There is no magic answer.

SW chips are delicious, easy to make and must surely be so much better for your 8 year old than conventional or frozen chips cooked in oil or fat. Educating her eating habits is good for both of you. My DH now asks for SW chips in preference to conventional ones.

Almost anything you prepare for your daughter has an equivalent in SW.

Good Luck, you will get so much support here.


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Hi and Welcome to Minimins and SW :)
SW is a great diet and very easy to stick to. But planning, i think is crucial. I have a weekly food plan for my lunchs and dinners and pudings pinned up in the kitchen so i know what i am doing and have all the inredients in.

I cook for 3 of us, but know in the past, when its just me, it seems such a waste to make all that washing up for me!!
but you have your daughter to cook for too. make this about her too, get her in to the habit of eating healthy cooked meals everyday. let her be your inspiration to stick with it.
Get her helping you in the kitchen, teach her how to cook, ( it seems a forgotten art in this day - now im sounding old...lol ( i'm only 30!) )
there are TONS of ideas on here.
These are my two threads, one is my weekly plans and the other is my recipe thread



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Plan plan plan!!!!

If you don't have the right sorts of foods in, you are going to fall off plan... plan your meals for the next 7 days from SW magazine, Slimming Eats website and other ideas on here, get the stuff in you need, and then stick to your plan.

Once you've spent the money on all that food it'd be criminal to waste it and go to the chippy!

Good luck xxxx
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Get your daughter to help you plan and cook the meals. That will make it much more enjoyable for you both. There are plenty of recipes for food which are quick/easy to prepare and make for those times that you can't really be bothered to spend lots of time over an oven. You could get a slow cooker - I love mine. You can put it on in the morning and it will be ready when you get home from work/school.
Thanks so much everyone, i have had a fat weekend lots of chinese food but i am going to start tomorrow, and like you have said plan ahead and i will include Imogen (my daughter) i will write down what i plan to eat for the next week and buy the food in, i think i'll be ok with the main meals gonna start using my slow cooker, its just the dinners when i am out in the day that i may struggle with and snacks?


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What sort of things do you like to eat at lunchtime? Things like rice salad, pasta salad, couscous with roasted veg are all easy to do and keep in the fridge for a couple of days. Or if you want something hot how about taking some homemade soup in a flask?

Other easy things to make and carry with you are SW quiche with salad; pasta bake (which you could reheat if you have a microwave).

Also take plenty of fruit to nibble on, or carrot sticks, cucumber batons etc, perhaps with a free dip.

There are loads of ideas on here and other websites.

Thanks Joedenise for those ideas, i think my problem is i comfort eat alot and fruit isn't very comforting but i suppose when i start to lose weight i will feel better, I think i eat sometimes when i am not even hungry!!!
Karra lets lets help each other have u tried it before? x
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Hello becciboo, it was only a mth ago when i joined sw well 5 weeks and i'd popped on ere now i'm hoooked!
My advice, thou i feel i've done well in losing 10lbs since i started is to:
- like everyone said PLAN! honestly it just makes life easier!
- Get urself a small notebook and note everything down, i keep mine in my bad and with a coloured pen that has 4 colours on so i can do red and green days... This makes life so much easier just noting what u eat.
- Get urself a file and make up a sw file and print out or cut out things that u like recipes from sw magazine honestly there is so many yummy things out there.
- Dnt think of it as a diet as its not its honestly changing the way u eat
- buy spray light or crisp and dry and get making sw chips

:) Good luck and keep me posted x x x

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