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Hi everyone

I'm new to RC but not to this forum. Last year i lost 3.5 stone on the LighterLife Diet but i'm ashamed to say that whilst i could stick to the shakes 100% no problems, when i was allowed to eat again i just couldn't help myself. I've now regained everything i lost plus a little more :(

So this time i have decided to do the RC diet as i like the way it encourages exercise at it's classes, plus it's fairly straight forward as well.

I look forward to speaking with you all.
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Hey carrot tit, your back, I missed you! I just love your name, everytime i see it I have a little smile. There, you see, you are doing someone good just by being here! Good luck with your RC plan, I am sure you will do great.

Welcome back!

Welcome back CT! I remember you well (who could forget that name? :D)

It's a real blow when we regain weight that we've lost (been there MANY times, got the outsize T-shirt to prove it ;)) but the important thing is that you haven't given up but are back to continue your journey on a different path - good for you!!

I love the RC plan and would definitely do it if there was a class anywhere near me - but alas there isn't :(
I did really well on RC some years back - it's so 'unfaddy' and uncomplicated and I love the exercise bit (although I don't necessarily LOOK like I'm enjoying it at the time with my grimacing beetroot face!).

Have you done RC before? Looking forward to hearing about your progress.


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I've just had an RC choc mousse, absolutely delicous and a mere 122 cals for a very large pot! Chocolate fix without a huge amoung of cals. Excellent
I've just had an RC choc mousse, absolutely delicous and a mere 122 cals for a very large pot! Chocolate fix without a huge amoung of cals. Excellent
I've had these BCD (Before Cambridge Diet ;)) and they are to DIE for!!


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No need to die, just count it in! I reckon they would be good even on DD as they take quite a while to eat and really satisfy the sweet urge.
Thanks everyone.

You could really forget a user-name like carrot_tit could you! I'm always gutted when other online sites won't allow it's use.

I'm struggling to get started with dieting again now but i found this site so useful last time it made sense to come back. It's gonna be a long slog but i'm commited to making the change no matter how long it takes!


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Hi CT,
I'm sure the weight will just fall off of you, once you have got stuck in. I have managed to lose 11lbs in 4 weeks on RC without doing excercise (not allowed at the moment,dodgy knees and my physio won't let me!)and this was after losing a stone by myself. So since May 1st this year I am 3lbs away from 2 stone, and although I have another 5 to go, I feel healthier and my clothes look better on me :)
This forum has been so inspirational and helpful particularly on bad days, you can't fail with all this support.
Good luck.
I'm doing it from home at the moment. There are classes near me but they are just not connvenient to attend at the moment. As soon as i start i'll post a diary to keep you all updated!


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Hi Carrot tit! ( I can't help but smile and giggle to myself when I write that name tee hee)

Good Luck with your RC diet, I intend on doing it as well once Iv lost my last stone or so with CD as I think it will be the best way for me to learn to eat healthily and from there loose my last 1/2 stone or so.

I'll be reading your diary ince it is up and running to see how you are getting on and I hope you do well :) Good Luck!

N xx
Thanks everyone. Do i post my diary here or is there a special section for diaries?

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