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:wavey: all,

My name is louise and i am new to this site.

I started the CD on Monday with some troubles straight away :cry:

I ate a small amount of food and one shake the first day, as didnt really like the shake. Tues i had no shakes and 3 quorn sausages and a little mash :whoopass: bad i know, especially when im just starting out!!

Had a good talking to myself tues evening and have eaten nothing since then, only the CD powder packs however yesterday was the only day i had the full 3 shakes as im not really 100% into them.

Im a veggie and a very pickie eater, i have not been naughty what so ever since tues but yesterday was the only day i had my full 3 shakes.

I know when i go to get weighed tomorrow i will get told off by my cdc for not using all 3 but i dont really feel hungry, its just the act of eating im missing (if u get what i mean):sigh:

I know i cant carry on missing the shakes out as im gonna get :sick0019: just hope for my 'two slip ups' i would have lost some weight!!!

How do the soups taste?? baring in mind i can only have the tom and veg one.

I have looked at peoples pics on here too, what an inspiration you guys are .x x x
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Fuzzys Angel

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To minimins is a great place to be extremely supportive in every way. I can't give any advise on the soups as i don't like any of them!!! Are you having the shakes hot or cold? Try mixing flavours it makes them taste so much nicer. Here's a few ideas:

Cappucino is lovely hot
Choc mint lovely hot or cold
Half a pack of choc mint mixed with half a pack of strawberry...yummy
Half a pack of choc mixed with half a pack of banana, that's nice hot or cold too.
My son likes half a pack of toffee & walnut mixed with half a pack of choc, i don't like it but he loves it!

Hope this helps.

Good luck with your WI i'm sure you would have lost some weight, keep posting!....xxx
Also hun the first three days are the very very worst of the whole diet. I made a deal with myself that I would give it one month, and i would stick to it whole-heartedly for that one month. I agreed with myself (I talk to myself a lot lol) that if I really found it too hard that I would go to WW and do it slowly. But I HAD to stick to it 200% for that month. The first three days were a ***** and I never thought I would get through it. The shakes tasted funny and the soups seemed really weird too at first. It was really weird though, because although I didnt believe my CDC when she said that the best side effect of the diet was increased energy and a feeling of euphoria....on day four I really got happy.
Make a pact that you just DO IT for a short while and see how you get on with it. Most likely that after a short period of time you will feel so great and be so thrilled with the weight loss that you will keep going like I have done, and so many others have too. It does get tough, dont get me wrong, but I cannot complain about the AMAZING weightloss (6 stone in four months) and the fact that my skin is the best it has ever been, and of course the fact that I have more energy than a toddler on speed!!!!!
Best of luck, and use this site all the time, it is full of really supportive people who struggle daily to keep on plan, and not to mention a really good laugh, and we all need them!:D
Hi Fuzzys Angel,

thanks for ur reply :) its good to know there is so much support on here.

Im usually a very determind person and always achieve what i want but never done a diet in my life and its proving hard in its first week and im told this week should be its easiest :confused:

Im not gonna give up, im looking forward to losing weight, just miss the habit of putting something nice to eat in my mouth :rotflmao:

Keep up the good work x x x
Thanks Minimee100,

I do actually feel that i have more energy, not tired or nothing like that, just miss the normal habit of eating ( or munching out, big style) should i say :D

I will see what happens at weigh in tomorrow, I CAN DO THIS!!!! :party0011: XXXXXXXXXX
Hi Louise again! My chubby hubby has just started sole source (first week) and as well as rat's breath (;)) he is finding it a bit tough as he LOVES his food and really misses the chewing thing. Our CDC has said that when he is allowed the bars (week three I think) then one of those will help with the chewing urge. I found that they made me a bit greedier though and the urge to keep chewing a bit difficult sometimes. Also you get Add A Meal in week five, and although the portions seem very measly, after a month on shakes and soups it seems like a bloody feast! Chin up, you will have lost weight I am sure this week. Just really try and get those three shakes down yourself to make sure you get all your vits and stay well. :)


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Hi Louise,

Put the lapses behind you and make a fresh start - it can be difficult to get into :angeldevil:

I like the vegetable soup and there's a mushroom one that should be ok for you too which is ok. Not keen on spicy tomato but some people love it :D

Try blending the shakes with ice - I love the chocolate mint that way, it tastes less powdery and concentrated.

Good luck - the first few days are the worst. Once you get to week 3 and can have the bars you can chew again :party0011:


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Hi Louise

I found the first 2 weeks pretty tough to be honest. But after that it gets easier - i promise!

Why dont you look at the stickys - you can make muffins or fudge out of the shakes and crisps out of the soups - i found that quite useful because at least then you feel as though you are eating and not just drinking the whole time!

i found the broccoli and cheese soup made yummy crisps

also your taste tends to change throughout the diet - some of the flavours that i couldnt stand at the beginning i love now and vice versa

stick with it - you can do it - we are all here for you honey

Hi Louise

I also started CD on Monday. Have been managing to stick to it so far but it is really hard. I don't know if I'm fully in ketosis yet as still feel hungry and quite tired but hoping that will improve with time :innocent0001:. Try not to beat yourself up about the first few days. Just try to think of it as easing yourself into CD & SS.

I'm also finding some of the shakes difficult to drink so know how you feel. Obviously everyone is different but I really like the Veg soup and the Choc & Mint shake. Chocolate is ok too, as is cappuccino. I hate the strawberry and Vanilla (yuk!) which is strange because I usually really enjoy these flavours. Also, I always use the blender to mix the shakes & soup as it makes them really smooth with no lumps.

I've not really posted much on the board but I read the messages on here every night to keep me motivated. Everyone is really nice and supportive. It's so nice to know there are lots of other people in the same boat, and everyone's losing weight too which proves it works. Thanks guys :clap::thankyou:

Anyway just wanted to say good luck to you and everyone else too !

We can do it !!!
Hi Louise & welcome!

This site can be your lifeline whilst on the diet.

I too am veggie & know you can have the veg, tomato, cheese & mushroom soups. Personally I only like veg & mushroom & even then with loads & loads of pepper in them. You could put curry powder, tabasco or chilli in too.

Stick with it. After 2 weeks you can have bars which really help & try freezing tetras of making the shakes with ice as it really makes a difference.

Good luck & let us know how you're getting on.

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