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Just started the GL diet On day 3 now and came home to find a coffee cake and profiteroles in the fridge:sigh: had the strength(Just about) to avoid them for now and had 2 celery sticks spread with nutella instead:jelous: Found this site by accident and its keeping me on track, really happy to have found it.
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irish molly

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Welcome to the forum. You'll find great support here.
A few days away from sugary and processed foods will really make a difference. Cravings and hunger will be a thing of the past.
Post regularly on here to keep on track.


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Hi Annabelle and welcome to the forums. There are a lot of kind and helpful people here:)

The ladies on the forum help me stay on track. Also keeping a food diary on here in the GI section helps me stay on track too, as I know I will have to post what I ate that day :)


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Welcome! :) I second (third?) everything Cali and Molly said and wish you the best of luck with the plan - sounds like you're definitely on the right track!


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Hi annabelle
Welcome and good luck
Without this forum I definitely think my food plan would be scraped by now!
Everyone is lovely and very helpful
Making diary entries is a good idea so everyone can help you if you've had a bad day or there's any improvements to be made!

Enjoy it and hope to hear your progress soon

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