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Hi, ive just joined the forum to. I'm with slimming world. I had tried it before when it was green and red days, but now you have a combined diet, which i find alot easier to maintain and work from.
I think it helps you eat healthier, while making sure you dont feel too deprived!

i think it depends on what type of dieter you are before you can pick....i think the most important thing is to not choose what you think will be the quick fix, and chose something that will really make you feel like your making a change about your eating habits.

whatever you choose, i wish you all the very best :) :)


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laura77 said:
I'm new to this sort of thing was wondering if anybody could help me out got a holiday booked for may an want to really lose weight and don't know what sort of diet to do I've tried every possible diet going an now stuck what to do x

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I too agonized over "which diet" and also took into account my lifestyle and availability of any pre packed diet foods. Plumped for Slimming World as I live in Austria where there are very few low fat, low cal pre packed foods. I also have time to prepare meals from scratch. This won over weight watchers for that reason. Fresh fruit, veg, pasta and rice - simples!!!! If only........


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Hello Laura. Ive tried sooo many diets. And have been trying to shift the same weight for years.
I bought the Dukan diet book. I struggle with motivation. And this diet really is fab. It's worth having a look online and having a look at the Dukan forum on here. It's hard on times, but im never hungry and the food your aloud is unlimited. The weight will drop off and it's a 4 stage plan that'll keep the weight off eventually with no dieting xx