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Discussion in 'Exante' started by Cypherkitty, 11 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Cypherkitty

    Cypherkitty Full Member

    Hi Guys,

    After being diagnosed with ME last August I thought I had lost all hope of the slimmer me (I’ve been undiagnosed for 10 years). After finding out I thought my life was over, now finally getting over the grief of finding out I have something that can never be truly cured, I am back and I am going to start my journey.

    I was originally going to go for lipotrim until I saw the price and realised that they put aspartame in their products – a really big no no for ME sufferers. It was then I found Exante and thought brilliant, because this means I can do the diet get some fat shifting and slowly build up my exercise. Which is what is in my programme from my specialist anyway.

    I am really nervous, but I am hopeful that I can do this. I haven’t weighed myself, but I should be doing it on Thursday as my stuff is coming tomorrow. *fingers crossed that I can do this* I need to do this! I am so unhappy, being the biggest in the group is not somewhere I want to be.

    I hope you are all ok. ^_^

    Much Love

    Lulu xxx
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  3. nousername

    nousername Full Member

    You'll be fine. First 5 days can be a bit of a git, past that you've made it as you no longer have the beastly cravings or pangs. Don't give up when it hurts, just sip some water and think of a week in the future when it's alot easier.

    I'm on day 9 and it's really starting to shift, I feel lighter on my feet and it's noticeable.
  4. Cypherkitty

    Cypherkitty Full Member

    Thanks, I started today, I have a little bit of a headache, but I think that's because I had so little sleep last night. Im not really that hungry, but I am sure that will come later on in the week.

    I've just looked at your loss that is AMAZING for first week, well done!

    Much Love

    Lulu xxx
  5. demmeister

    demmeister Full Member

    Good luck with the diet!
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