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  1. cerilinda01

    cerilinda01 Full Member

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this page and am really looking forward to chatting to people. I've joined slimming world 4 weeks ago because I'm absolutely fed up of hating the way I look, 5 years ago I used to be for and healthy, I was diagnosed with underactive thyroids and gained 8 stone in a year! I was also emotional eating because of a relationship breakup, I lost 4 stone with weightwatches in about 6 months (to quick) and unfortunately that's all back on! Something clicked in my head and I just are everything in site, I am so unhappy about my life but I'm sure as soon as I start loosing weight I'll start to feel happier and start enjoying life again, I'm hoping this forum will give me the support I need, the fact I need to lose 8 stone is a big strain on the way I think, 5.5lbs lost so far on slimming world!
    Sorry for the rambling on!
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  3. RubyMoss

    RubyMoss Silver Member

    Hey! Welcome to MiniMins, you're in the best place for support! I've restarted Slimming World this week (have done it before, successful until I gave up!) - if you need anything, or just want a bit of support I'm here!
  4. cerilinda01

    cerilinda01 Full Member

    Thankyou, I've never done the whole forum thing, I'm not very good at talking to new people as I'm quite an anxious person, but... I really feel that this will help my confidence and my weight loss, I've been reading through a few threads and there's some really supportive, lovely people. Thankyou for getting in contact! X
  5. RubyMoss

    RubyMoss Silver Member

    Once you get the hang of it, you'll love it, I assure you! I end up rambling far too much, but everyone is so lovely that no one seems to mind! You could always start writing a weight loss diary (I've just done this myself) - that way, you can put your thoughts down, list your food and people can read it and offer advice/suggestions in regards to what you're eating. Might help if you're a little anxious. Let me know if you do and I'll make sure to keep an eye on it! :) x
  6. gingerninja

    gingerninja Member

    I'm starting Slimming World too and have 6 stone to lose! We can do it!!! Good luck!
  7. IzzyWizzy

    IzzyWizzy Full Member

    Hi I'm new too and also have a lot of weight to lose too. I know how it affects confidence and I'm really looking forward to changing the me 'inside' as well as the 'me' outside!

    Izzy x
  8. cerilinda01

    cerilinda01 Full Member

    Thankyou for commenting, I really hope we can do this, I just want to have the old me back, I'm
    Normally one for keeping myself to myself so I'm proud of myself for 'joining in' on this site! I wish you all the luck on your journeyX

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