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  1. Pinkywest

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    Hi guys.. Just joined this site today and just started back at slimming world yesterday!! Was at it before but then fell pregnant and let myself go.. Unfortunately I miscarried at 12 weeks and I think due to this I may have started comfort eating and haven't been able 2 stop :/ but I've finally got it into my head that I'm ready 2 loose weight and am sick and tired of my clothes feeling tight :// read through some threads on this site before joining and have 2 say I'm really impressed :) with al the great info on here but even more so with the support that everyone gives each other.. I'm excited 2 join :) I should also mention I'm doing sw 4rm home now as I can't afford the classes every week and find that th consultant at my local sw changes more than I change my.... Well I wont go there lol..but I'm confident that I'll be able 2 stick at it from home.. So here's hoping guys :)) xx
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  3. Cub's mummy

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    Hi Pinkywest - I've just joined this evening too - although I'm 3 months into my weight loss journey. I joined SW at the beginning of Feb and have been doing really well but had a disappointing result at weight in last night. But rather than getting depressed and giving up I'm trying to boost my motivation and am adding in this website too. I am going to classes so am happy to support as we go along if you like!
  4. Pinkywest

    Pinkywest Member

    Hi cubs mummy :) glad to see I'm not the only newbie :) your just right to stay positive and not get down about it.. It's only 1 week after all and we can't always have weight off :) great to have your support and mine is here for you too :) we need all the help we can get :) just got really peckish at 9.30 at night :/ not good.. So instead of ordering a Chinese (which I usually do lol) I've just helped myself 2 a bowl of boiled rice! Only 1/2 a syn for 100grams! Boring I know but will hopefully help shed some pounds :))) x
  5. Cub's mummy

    Cub's mummy Member

    A lot of my group use the savoury rice flavoured sachets. I think they get them from Tesco or Aldi and they're not many syns. They might be more interesting than plain rice! Or some of the mugshots are free and a useful emergency food. Be careful though - the week I discovered mugshots I didn't lose any weight!
    Generally I stick to fruit and yoghurt for my supper time snacks, or savoury popcorn.

    Hope you've had a good day :)

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