Minimins is the best!
Hello everyone!:wave_cry:
Im new to this forum and tought id say hello!!
I am planning on joining Slimming World on Thursday evening (eeek) and wondered if anyone had some nice words of encouragement for me!!
My friend joined 2 weeks ago and lost 6.5 lbs in her first week!! So I thought id join her!!
I want to loose (or rather i need to loose!!) around 8 stone...scary or what!(Thats my main goal)
And i want to be down to a dress size 14 by June, so any top tips or recipes would be greatly appeciated!!
Can i just say im a real picker so any free picking foods would be great!!! andstuff that i can eat at my desk at work!!!
Im looking at doing the extra easy - think it will fit my lifestyle best.

Looking forward to hearing from you and making some new friends that are in my boat!!

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:welcome2: And good luck .. take your time and have a good look around the threads.. there are recipes, syn values and diaries to give you inspiration x


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Welcome LittleMissCupcake (fab name!!). Good luck on Thursday and as Emski said, have a good look around Mini's, there is loads of info and the people on the SW forum are great! x


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Welcome aboard hun, youv'e made 2 of the best decisions already, one is joining Slimming World and the other joining Minimins, everyone is really helpful and you will make some great friends along the way. xxx


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Hi Littlemisscupcake

I am new to the SW also. I am going to the meeting tomorrow. Goodluck on your weightloss journey:D:D


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Good luck!!

I'm much of a nibbler / picker than an eater of big meals and I find SW perfect - I can eat whenever I want and never have to worry about having met my calorie or points limit.

Hope it suits you.


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hey there welcome :)


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welcome to the boards and good luck with slimming world! :)


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Good luck on Thursday, the first step is the hardest. SW is great if you like your food. I lost 5 1/2 lbs on my first week.


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HI I'm new too and have lots of weight to lose also. I like slimming world because I like to have a large evening meal so it suits me that you can eat free foods in larger quantities if you wish. If your a picker I would keep lots of your fave syn free or syn counted foods handy in the fridge. I always have chopped fruit in a tupperware box, some pasta ready made and a tomato herby sauce. If I have the munchies that usually resolves them lol.
Good luck with your plan.

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Hi there and a big welcome!!!
Im the same, I like to graze during the day at work, so come armed with heaps of fruit, Mullerlite yoghurts, ham (free on a red day), chicken slices (free on red) and loads of other bits and bobs...if you get the chance have a look at the diary pages on this forum, there are loads of hints and tips that you can gain from it.

Good luck with your journey.



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good luck, im new-ish to sw too (2 weeks!) and its a great diet. as long as i keep it varied i never feel hungry or deprived! im so glad i found this forum too, it encourages me to stick at it! xxx