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just throw yourself into it hun!!

set mini goals and at first try and spread ur shakes out as much as pss so as not to go hungry at any point in the day...

drink loadsa water, and set urself 1 week a a time for ur first week so it doesnt seemm like u wont b eating for months!!

best of luck and were all here for anythin you need!! xx


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Hey and welcome!!
You will be fine, the support on this forum is fantastic so keep yourself occupied by posting on here!
Good luck honey xxx
Welcome Hunni,
Drink LOTS of water, (sip it constantly, never drink a lot at once)
Take paracetamol for any headaches (they go after 5-6 days)
Try splitting your shakes in half, so you get 6 a day, but you can't mix them and split them, the vits and minerals will evaporate. Split the powder in half and mix half at a time.
Good luck, we'll all help and support you. xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Good luck chick!!

Drink plenty of water... Black coffee helps me loads too!!
And keep talking to people any time you get hungry!!! lol

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Best advice is to come on here as much as poss!

Welcome and good luck!


Here we go again!
Welcome and good luck. Don't worry about headaches cos you may not get them, I didn't. Lots of water and determination is the best advice I can give. Stick to it and the results will be worth it!
Hiya Cooper and welcome.
The first few days are the hardest, you may not get headaches at all, I did but Paracetemol took care of them, once you get through the first few days it does get easier.
To keep me going I keep a photo in my handbag of how I looked at my worst and biggest, that spurs me on no end and when you see it coming off it just keeps you on a high.
Good luck, get your self a ticker so you can see your progress, it does wonders.
Good luck. Any questions dont be afraid to come on and ask for help. You will be fine as long as you stick to your 3 shakes a day and drink at least 2 litres of water. I try to aim for 3 litres.
hi welcome aboard the LT train. If you have any worries or problems just come on here and drop a line and someboby will not be far behind you to help and give some handy advice you may need. :) Good luck.
hiya and welcome

most people have covered the tips

just stick with it and it does get pretty easy

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Welcome, ditto all above. Best advice get through the first week with a good weight loss and you'll be hooked.

Dont worry too much if you dont love the shakes straight away they are an aquired taste. I used to have to hold my nose to drink them and preferred them with ice cold coffee in vanilla shake. Now I can just use tap water, add ice if you need to and you must drink plenty of water. Goodluck. XX
Hey Claire welcome!!! Few little tips that worked for me -
When you're hungry, log on here!
Get loads of water into you, its hard yes but its the only way to make this thing work!
Smell is an underrated sense lol, when you think you're gonna take a bite of something, just take deeeeep smells!
When you're going wandering for food, stick a copy of your least favourite photo of yourself inside the cupboard and on the fridge, with a picture of your goal dress or top or jeans (what you see yourself wearing when you're done) beside it! You know which one you'd rather be!

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