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    Hi, how y'all doin'?

    I'm not really a newbie - more a prodigal daughter. I did lipotrim to some success years ago. Been a long bumpy road since, and without too much info, I'm ready to kick my own backside into shape once more. Hopefully permanently this time. (We all have our stories or we wouldn't be here,right?)

    New phase of my life is just beginning and I'd like to not feel like a blob as I go my merry way.

    So I'm starting tomorrow at 13.5 stone and hope to get to 9st as quickly as possible.

    I'll chirp up and follow people's progress and, inevitable struggles, and hopefully provide some of the help and encouragement for others that I hope to find for myself.

    So, good luck all and btw - the sticky 'Things that Made My First Week Fly In' - that's me -BlackRose - had to re-register as I could not reset my forgotten password so this is my new name - Rombie - Hi! - and new start.

    Get it done!
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    Hi & welcome back, hope you have a very successful journey & good luck. I know admitting I had too do it all again was bit heart breaking, but hey, im trying & its all good & very worthwhile x

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