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Newbie's Day 4

S: 16st1.8lb C: 13st6.1lb G: 10st9.9lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 2st9.7lb(16.7%)
I would like to say hello to everyone as this is my first post.I am 29 and a single mum :family2:eek:f 2 angels :D. I been lurking for a while and this is my second try on LT.
I started on the 16th June and managed to lose 4.3 kgs-week1 but I had to stop, because I been identified as a match with a child who has leukemia.I am on the Bone marrow donor register and they needed to have some test done on my blood so I had to refeed after 1 week.
I started Lt again on the 19th July and I am finding it much harder to do than last month. I am drinking enough water but I am still really hungry. I have a yr old boy and constantly have to remind myself not to pick up his leftovers or lick my fingers :D:Dwhen I am feeding him. Tasting his food for right temperature is also a big no no. But anyway, I need to do this so I have to stick to LT as I failed on all the diet they ever invented and than some.
Any ideas how to keep going when it gets tough?
x single+2 angels
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S: 17st6lb C: 17st0lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st6lb(2.46%)

Well done on getting through your first 3 days, Im also new on this diet and Im on my day 5 now, but I am also finding it really hard with the hunger. I am drinking water and also having black coffee with tablet sweetner. Ive started having my first shake at about 10-10.30 now and then my 2nd at 2.30pm and then Im trying to last until about 7pm and having a soup, which is going ok but Im finding I am hungry in the evening and miss eating some food.

I have found that If im getting hungry I just have a few sips of water and then get up and do something, cleaning,go out for a walk or even picking up my weekly magazine and looking at the skinny people - lol.

I do know how you feel though as Im feeling exactly the same and I am desperate to lose 4stone. S

Keep going and everyone on here is great for giving you a boost.


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S: 17st5.6lb C: 16st4lb G: 13st12lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 1st1.6lb(6.4%)
wow, I wonder if you will actually be able to donate marow.Must be one of the most fabulous things you can do.
S: 16st12lb C: 16st12lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 40.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi and welldone on getting back on track I'm sure if you can do something as amazing as donating bone marrow you'll find this easy. Keep it up and a couple of days it will feel different again. Take each week at a time and it will come.


Positivity is the key
S: 20st5lb C: 14st1lb G: 13st3lb Loss: 6st4lb(30.88%)
welcome and wish you all the best for the first week. I have 3 small boys myself 7,5 and 2 so I know all about the cooking bit on this diet. Well done to you for wanting to be a bone marrow donor, it's a great thing to do.
Since you started again on the 19th you are probably not in ketosis yet, some people say it can be harder second time round cos your body knows what's coming and therefore you feel it, however once you are in ketosis this will stop and you will feel fine. You know the diet works as you have done it before.
Main advice I would give is come on here as often as you can to get advice, post when you are feeling rough, offer advice, give your opinion, anything really to keep you away from the cupboard.
Some people find splitting the shakes help, make up half and keep half the powder until later if you are feeling particularly hungry. I make up my shakes with a lot of ice, crush it with a hand help blender therefore I get a large shake which fills me for a long time. Really at this stage I don't feel hungry much, just I know I should have the shake as I will feel weak if I don't. Any craving we get are in our head once we are in ketosis and although can be annoying, do go once ignored.
As tools to help you through the coming weeks try some of these if you wish: take photos at the start then every week/ month, to see the changes. Take your measurements and keep these safe, then measure yourself again next month to check the difference.
You will be fine in a day or two and very soon you will have that great weigh in, when you will be glad you stuck with it.
Wishing you all the best.


I will be skinny again!!!
S: 14st10.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 2st12lb(19.37%)
Hiya! Welcome aboard!!

Black coffee was my life saviour through LT

The hot drink helped me so much, dont know why but it did! I found it kept my hunger pangs at bay more than drinking water!

Good luck on your journey, hang on in there, the rewards are brilliant xxxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
S: 14st4lb C: 11st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 2st12lb(20%)
Hi Single

Welcome and "hat off to you" for the wonderful thing you did on being a donor..braver than me, but boy, that is commitment.

I think the majority of us on here have tried every single diet invented.....so, you have come to the right place. LT is great, it rewards you for your 100% commitment and dedication.

Take one day at a time; keep positive. If you slip up, admit it to others, but most importantly to yourself, AND then move on....never look back and regret as it wont take you anywhere. The lovely feelings you experience when you get weight and you see the weight coming down, remember it! Keep it bottled as it is all too often we forget the good times.

Take your three shakes, dont be tempted to only have two....and drink, drink, drink your water like your life depended on it.

You lost a bit the first time, so you know you can do it.

Just keep posting on here and remember you goal is achievable and you can do it! Just remember that.

Have a great week.

Take care
S: 16st1.8lb C: 13st6.1lb G: 10st9.9lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 2st9.7lb(16.7%)
Thank you all so much for the replies, its great to have this much support:). Well I am on day 6 and I am not hungry anymore :D. I weighted myself this morning on my scale and if I can trust it I am now 90.75 kg( 200 lb) which is 4.3 kg (9.5 lb) off in 6 days.:cool:
I can not wait for my WI tomorrow . Hopefully it will be around 5 kg(11 lb) (wish).
Anyway I tried all your ideas and liked it. now I have 6 half packet of LT. Every 4 hour one. Drinking 3.5 lts of water throughout the day and 6 black coffee (normal day it would be 10+) with 3 tablet sweeteners each(from LIDL).
So now fingers crossed for tomorrow, and thanks again for all your support.
xxx :family2:


Life is not a Rehersal!
S: 14st4lb C: 11st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 2st12lb(20%)
Good luck on your WI.......little tip...try not to weigh yourself inbetween your weekly WI. You could fluctuate with water retention from one day to the next, and your scales can be different from the pharmacies...I only say it because you might think you have lost X amount, and then you go and you have lost Y amount and feel disappointed.

It is just nice and exciting (I think) to do it once a week at the same place..the anticipation makes the week so much quicker.

Only a suggestion, but I am sure there are others that will say the same.

Have a good day.
S: 16st1.8lb C: 13st6.1lb G: 10st9.9lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 2st9.7lb(16.7%)
Thanks for the tip Scotsmist I will do that from now on. It's just a learned behavior left over from my days on other diets. We will see anyway tomorrow but now actually I am looking forward to WI. Thanks again.
S: 14st5lb C: 10st11lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 3st8lb(24.88%)
Well done for persevering with the hunger thing, mine lasted nearly the first two weeks!!! This IS the fastest/simplest way to lose weight, and believe me when I tell you I have tried everything!!!! It has really helped me to re-educate my bad eating habits also and I'm still at the same weight even after a week's holiday in Cornwall, so if I can keep it off.....anyone CAN ! Well done for giving the gift of life to someone with the bone-marrow donation, that is NOT a painless operation, I have heard, so God bless you!


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S: 19st7lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 8st5lb(42.86%)
hello, welcome and well done on being a bone marrow donor! it's no small thing to do...

As for the weight loss - sounds like you're doing everything right, but I'd agree no weighin in between weigh ins. That said i'm sure 99% of us do it - just don't *believe* it til the real weigh in, just in case - you might be disappointed. Then again, you might also be pleasantly surprised :) lol

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