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Hi All
Thought i would post a new thread too see how all my fellow newbies are doing?
Well i got over my wobble without too much of a fall off the wagon i had a small kit kat in place of my fruit OK not the healthy way but it stopped me from rebelling completely :sigh:
I am now on day 9 and really settling down too the diet now, still get the odd hunger pang but mainly ok and my taste buds have adjusted as i now like some of the food i didn,t like
I am a trained nutritionist and truly do believe that if you are following any long term healthy eating plan you need too adjust it too suit you as we are all different.
I for one can not eat lots of fruit I have a gastric disorder, but i need chocolate lol so i have a small piece each day
I really hope all our little newbie group are doing well and starting too enjoy the diet and see results???
Let me know how your all doing good luck too you all xxx :)
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Hi Crystel! I'm doing okay - a bit of a cheat over the weekend when I went out with my best friend, but otherwise I've been good :) Glad to hear you're over your wobble! I'm having one of my own tonight - it's that time of the month and I just want something unhealthy - but I'm going to be good and have a nice DC dinner instead.
I totally agree that you need to adjust the plan to suit you - I'm (astonishingly) coping without too much chocolate, but I need sweet things and dairy - butterscotch yoghurts are my coping strategy there :)
I've lost 6.6lb in just over a week, and I'm hoping I'll lose more once the hormonal bloating has gone down. I'm pretty pleased with myself! Are you getting good results too? Good luck!


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S: 12st10lb G: 9st7lb
Hi F orest Rose
Well done on your great weight loss in week one
Hope you got through your wobble without too many problems, I think we are always going too get those days where we crave things, but sometimes just adding alittle bit of what you fancy can stop you falling completely off the wagon lol
Too be honest i haven,t weighed yet.
I have been using lighter life on and off for years and the weight loss is very quick on that cos you basically starve...!!
So i knew i needed too get my head into eating properly and didn,t want too be demotivated by the smaller weight losses, i will probably weigh next week.
I do feel my clothes are feeling better but got a long way too go...!!
Good tip on the yoghurts one of the other newbies has mini milk lollies at about 40kcals so good too get all these ideas.
Boiled sweets are always a good one, if you need something sweet after dinner they take away the sugar craving and you only need one.
Well good luck stay intouch xxx
Mmm, yes, Mini Milks are great for those sweet cravings! Boiled sweets are another good idea, thanks for that one :) My mum says that if you freeze grapes they taste very sweet, like sorbet!
I think you're right not to weigh too often - feeling your clothes getting looser is a great motivation in itself! Good luck with it :) I'm back on track today, just done my supermarket order with loads of healthy fruit and veg, yum yum yum!


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good for you its always easier too stick too a plan when you have nice fresh food healthy food too eat, Yes your Mums right make sure you get seedless grapes though.
I am really struggling at the min time of the month and a friend i helped out has just brought me a big box of chocolates...!!! Oh dear.
I will get into a habit of weighing once a week just trying too get into a routine first.
How far in are you now?
I,m on day 11, i have about 2and half stone too lose xx


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Hi guys,

Well done on your weight loss forest rose, ive decided not to weigh myself for the first month and then see what happens. I think seeing a larger lose (hopefully lol) will be more encouraging than the little ones, but that's just me.

I also fell off the wagon a bit at the weekend. Went out with friends, had far to many glasses of wine, and then had the dreaded, but much needed after a night of drinking, greasy kebab.

Its okay though as i jumped straight back on the next day, so im not to sad. Great tip with the mini milks, i love them. Yum Yum lol

Im actually loving the lunch shakes at the moment. Theres only so much soup i can eat lol but thankfully i find the shakes really tasty and filling.

Oh by the way, with some of the evening meals ie the curry/bolognese types, are you supposed to eat them as they are or can you add extra rice/pasta? They just seem to watery to eat on their own?



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Hi Red Rose
I am doing the same as you not weighing yet for the same reasons my clothes feel abit better, but want too stay motivated.
I prefer the shakes too the soups dont, like any of the soups so unfortunately i have ended up with lots of soups i won,t eat but i have ordered all shakes for next hamper they are much more filling.
As for the main meals its a tough one if you are allowed extra kcals then you can add rice/pasta, generally the meals plus snacks come too around 800/900 kcals add 100kcals for milk allowance and if you have fruit etc it can take you up too the 1200kcals so i don,t add the carbs but do agree they are quite liquidy too have on there own, guess it depends on your own personal kcal allowance.
How far are you in now?
Let me know when you weigh good luck xxxxxx

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