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  1. SammyE

    SammyE Silver Member

    Hi All,

    My boyfriend of 8 years proposed to me last month... some might say not in the most romantic way... not even face to face, it was by a photo, with a white board in which had "I want to spend the rest of my life with you Sammy, will you marry me?" written on, which was being held by my boyfriend in the middle of Afghan, he was covered in dirt, in cammies which he probably hadnt changed for a week.

    I was always a chubby kid but lost loads of weight in my late teens, met my boyfriend when I was 20 and he joined the Army shortly after we got together, everytime he was away for a long time, I would get down and start munching, this got worse when the wars in Iraq and Afghan started and he deployed out there, I would worry and to hide the fact I was worried I would eat myself happy, I gained a stone and a half while he was on his last tour in Iraq, he is now in Afghan and I am determind he wont come home to find Ive gained another stone or two (not that he ever says anything but ya know...) so Ive set myself a target of 6 stone and back to the weight I was when I was 21 before my wedding.

    Ive got 15 months to do it, to try and help me Ive already bought a dress... 4 sizes smaller then I currently am arghhh...
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    BIG BIRDY Silver Member

    well if that isnt motivation then I dont know what is!! Congrats on taking the first step into doing something positive about it. It will make you feel better in so many ways as well!
  4. Fray

    Fray Full Member

    That proposal is a lovely story! Congratulations on your engagement. I'm sure you can do it hun! we're only a few weeks apart on weddings! Whee!!
  5. SammyE

    SammyE Silver Member

    Thank you :) Hows everyones wedding diets going so far?
  6. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

    Awwww thats so sweet.....good luck, you have the perfect reason to get the weight off......keep us posted on your progress
  7. Kenco

    Kenco Gold Member

    good luck with your weight loss journey,congrats on your engagement.:D:D
  8. SammyE

    SammyE Silver Member

    Thanks, both of you :)

    Im doing well so far, fingers crossed! Nearly a stone gone in two weeks so hopefully I can stick to it!
  9. Sammy84

    Sammy84 Full Member

    Hey Sammy congratulations on your engagement i think thats a beautiful proposal! and a photo to keep forever!
    I'm also Sammy, and i've een with my fiance almost 6 years, we got engaged last year and our wedding is Sept 10th! not long to go now, we are getting married on the beach in Turkey on our 6th Anniversary :)
    So what diet are you doing? you are doing great so far! you have lost much so fast thats amazing!
    I've still got about a stone or so to go- I need to weigh myself- since i got back to turkey with my fiance i have not weighed! big mistake i know so i need to get back on the scales but all my smaller clothes still fit! back on it monday until the wedding- 6 weeks til D DAY!

    Good Luck hun and speak soon! x

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