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Nice neighbour :)

She is off travelling for a year n has a exercize bike and has just left me a message on facebook saying we can borrow it *(babysit it)* for the year - woot!! I said to hubby I will take it slow n steady due to my physical health but this is good news, time to blast on some music n get on my bike (well think it will be ours from the weekend) she only bought it earlier this year so rather exciting x
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blooming eck thats great, babysitting it for a while be sure to take it slow x why dont i have neighbours like that? on one side its empty due to him going into hospital 8 years ago and still thinks he is coming home (just sell up please hate it being empty) and the other side is 2 old dears (a couple) who the only thing they share is there 100 cig a day habit that seeps through the walls and thats all you can smell sometimes (NOT A JOKE HONEST). So im more likely to mind either the damp coming from the empty house or the cig dimps for the other side incase the cig company go bankrupt and they need them for roll ups lol x sorry long rant x
Ughs our old place stunk of stale smoke thru the walls, here one side we havea lovely Spanish guy who is a total scream love him to bits, other side some random girl who I can hear having nookie!!! so much so I went to bang on the door a while ago when she had friends over n they were making noise asking to turn it down n got told by her friend "C is having sex with her boyfriend" then when they all went into town got her banging on my door with "we are out now mum!" next door to her is a total lovely lady who we get on well with too, the neighbour who is lending us the bike lives on the 3rd floor (were on 1st) she also has left her BBQ for us to use :) - shame the weather was so windy when we tried last week the steaks got done in the oven!! x
OMG why on earth would someone tell you there friend is having sex and how rude of them to bang on your door like that? some people have no respect for others x
exactly what we thought, the girl next door is a lil odd to say the least, wasn't able to make eye contact when I saw her around the building fo ar while after that.
Congrats, give it a good peddle from me too lol
Im too short to reach the peddals with the seat on the lowest setting amm gutted!

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