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Nice to Know


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Hi All,

I thought it might be helpful to have a thread where we can post things that we've found out on SW, like food that is unexpectedly free, treats that you thought would be so high in syns they weren't worth bothering with but are actually not too bad, stuff you've tried that you wouldn't have if you weren't on SW and now love!

So, I found that batchelor's tomato pasta n sauce is free on green (which I expect everyone else does too, but I was very happy to find that out!). Also, some of the others are too if you make them without milk, I tried the mushroom one, replacing the milk with water and it was still quite nice :)

I found that sharwood's ready to eat poppadoms are only 2 syns each (was expecting 5-6!). So I can have a veg curry, a couple of poppadoms and a bottle of stella for less than 10 syns :D

And, I won the raffle at my WI a couple of weeks ago, there was some laughing cow light in there - and I loved them (I thought I'd hate them as I don't like dairy lea)!

Does any one else have any to share :)

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Oooh I didnt know that about the poppadoms! We've having curry tonight too so might get some in the shopping! Thanks :D


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Great idea for a thread! Good to know about the popadoms ;) We tend to go more for Chinese food now, chicken chow mein is only 7 sins on a green day :D


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Going to look out for the poppadoms, Saturday night I usually have a quorn curry - totally free so with a poppadom or 2 that is only 4 syn plus a glass of wine = 10. Do miss a naan bread.:eek:
Took some Ainsley Harriott rice to work today with salad for lunch - very nice. Batchelors Pasta is really nice so another idea for work - Thanks.


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One of my biggest shocks was to learn that proper fried eggs are only half a syn each on both plans... Well worth spending half a syn imo


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Cool, glad so many are now having poppadoms - you can't have a curry without them in my opinion :)

The 1/2 syn for a fried egg - is that fried in sunflower oil?

Anyone else got any to add???

Ju :)
HOw many syns do you think a veg chop suey is?
Ive looked in my books etc but i cant find anything. I have veg chop suey every friday and boiled rice.
Hmmmm i wonder
Ruthy xxxx

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