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niceset flavours

S: 18st4lb G: 12st12lb
Oooh good luck meeting your CDC hun! With flavours it's really just down to personal taste. I only really have Choc/Choc Mint in the shakes and Mushroom/Chicken & Mushroom in the soups.

If I were you I'd get one of each flavour so you can see what you like during the first week... sure your CDC would be happy to stop if you're really struggling with them

Hope your first week goes well... don't forget to keep us updated!


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Chocolate Orange is just the best! Its soooo nice, I'm going to keep buying them even when I've come off the diet thats how nice it is! Chocolate Mint too is nice and normal chocolate.

You'd never guess I like chocolate would you?
i pretty much live off strawberry shakes and vegetable soup, but the chocolate ones and vanillla ones are nice too.
i agree with coogee, get a variety of flavours, and if you dont like them, your CDC should let you swap them (mine did)


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I tried one of each of the sachets and then decided which ones I would buy again - that way you don't buy too many of one flavour that you MAY not like later..

When you think, 1 sachet is only 1 meal...


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Personally, I only like the bricks, I find that they are the least "chemically" tasting. I like the chocolate brick (that tastes of maltesers) and the strawberry brick (that tastes of condensed milk with strawberry nesquick). As for the soups, I only like the mushroom or mushroom and chicken one. But as everyone says, its a personal taste thing.


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I've never tried the soups, they just don't appeal! But I have tried pretty much all of the shakes. I only like the chocolate tetras, strawberry tetras, choc mint, strawberry and chocolate powder shakes. That's it for me!
I found the banana tetras revolting, the vanilla and banana powder shakes always tasted 'bitty' no matter how much I blitzed it in the blender, and the others just didn't float my boat! I used to like the porridge but this time round cant stomach it at all.
Just remember that your tastes WILL change as the diet continues, so even if you don't like something initially you may well end up loving it!


please try again
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erm i wont be of much help since i have 3 choc mint shakes a day, lol
Hi Guys

Thanks so much for all your advice

I got a selection of flavours and I am starting teh diet on Sat I have approx 3 stone to loose so heres hoping!!!

will defo keep you all updated and thanks for the support



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Good Luck with the diet. You'll lose your three stone in no time!

As for flavours I am completely different to the others I think!

I love soup and have 2 soups a day (sometimes 3!). I love Leek n Potato, Chicken and Mushroom and Oriental Chilli (which really tastes like a Thai Curry).

As for shakes I love Chocolate Tetras - I mix half a tetra with HOT water and it makes a lovely hot chocolate drink and splits the pack in 2 so you can have it twice in one day.

I also like Banana, Vanilla and Strawberry shakes - especially with Mix-a-Mousse that you can have from week 3 I think.

I do have chocolate shakes, but I don't think they taste very chocolatey! That's why the tetras are so good.

That doesn't really help does it! Sorry :)

P.S. In my opinion the Butterscotch Shake and both porridges are absolutely foul - yuck yuck yuck!


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I like them all except spicy tomato soup! Even the butterscotch!
Hi Guys

Well I ended up only starting today. Its now nearly 11.00pm and I feel so hungry. Can any of teh sachets be made into a mousse by putting in less water and using a electric mixer or is it different sachets. I really want to sti ck to this. Also just to confirm no coke zero or lemon slices in water.

thnaks a million
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oh my god I am so utterly amazed that people dont tend to like a lot of the flavours! I have come from Lipotrim and those really were fowl compared to Cambridge stuff.I think the choice,flavours and variety are amazing amazing! I dont like the toffee/walnut but that cause I dont like nutty stuff anyway.em


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To make the sachets into a mousse, you need to buy some mix-a-mousse from your Cambridge Counsellor.



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Vanilla is my new favourite flavour at the moment!!! Just discovered it after all this time... I've been avoiding it because my mum didn't like it when she did CD. It's sooo nice!!


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S: 17st11lb C: 15st2lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 34.2 Loss: 2st9lb(14.86%)
I wasn't that keen on the vanilla as a shake. Might try it as a mousse next week though x


Laugh in the face of food
S: 17st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 3st2lb(17.67%)
I totally recommend it, it's lovely!!!

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