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  1. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    I'm new to mini mins Ive done ww before but not filling and healthy. My colleague has given me her food lists and I've decide to do it on my own from home.

    Ive decided to start a food diary as I feel it is a good way to accountable to myself on what I eat. I am an emotional eater and often crave carbs and chocolate (like many other women I know).

    Porridge with 1tsp honey (1)

    Roast beef (fat trimmed off)
    Roast veg (carrots, parsnips, onions and garlic)
    Mashed potato (milk only no butter)
    Gravy (1)

    I've used 2 weekly points
    Leaving me with 47

    I weigh in on a saturday morning

    I may update later if i eat anything else.

    Bye for now
    Nic x
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  3. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Hey food sounds great. Here to follow your journey x
  4. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Hello :) thanks for following :)
  5. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    meals on Monday 12th may

    40 g porridge with skimmed milk and 1tsp honey and 15 g sultanas (2)

    Mixed salad - lettuce, cucumber, pepper,onions,rocket
    50 g feta cheese (4)
    1 slice of cooked ham
    Fat free tesco salad dressing

    Chicken and chickpea curry (1pp from curry paste)
    Basmati rice
    Yogurt and mint sauce (1)

    Probably have some fruit and a low fat yogurt to help fill me up at work :)

    Will update tomorrow night x
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  6. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Good evening

    I habe had my meals exactly as listed above (amazing for me)!

    I have also had 2 apples and a low fat strawberry yogurt (1)

    My weeklies are 38 left from 49 have to slow down on them ask wasn't planning on using them all.

    Had a good day at work despite 2 girls bringing in chocolate but I managed to resist and ate an apple instead :)

    Heres hoping tomorrow goes as well - I have no doubt it will.

    Nic x
  7. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Sounds like you've had a great day. Well done xx
  8. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    I just had 1 slice of white bread with chocolate spread (4). Hmmmm not the wisest of choices but better than opening a packet of biscuits to get my sweet fix :)

    Weeklies 34/49
  9. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Ive not had too bad a day today. We had a a medical rep in today who brought lunch. I feel i made wise choices from the sandwiches she brought.

    Porridge with honey (1)

    M & S smoked ham and salad sandwich (5)
    Mini fruit meringue (2)
    Melon, mango, strawberries

    Roast beef (no fat)
    Mashed potato (just skimmed milk)
    Gravy (2)

    10 weeklies used today leaving 24/49

    I know I should have eaten my 4pp salad that I took to work but I've left it in the fridge for tomorrow.

    Nic x
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  10. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Its been a pretty good day again today. I am expecting it to get tough but i do know weight watchers works and i am prepared tp stick with i.

    Menu for today.

    Porridge and honey (1)

    We had another medical rep in again today. She brought loads of yummy m &s goodies, sandwiches, cream cakes, crisps, etc
    I still had my salad from yesterday in the fridge so I had:-
    Mixed salad
    Feta (4)

    She also brought fruit and i had a little each of melon, pineappl and mango

    Mixed salad
    1/4 farmfoods chilli chicken stonebaked pizza (4)
    Low fat mayo (1)

    I'm also gonna have a fab ice lolly (2) in a minute :). Yum yum :)

    Weeklies left - 13/49

    Until tomorrow
    Nic x
    Last edited: 14 May 2014
  11. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    I feel I've had a good day today and made some wise choices

    B - porridge with honey and raisins (2)
    L - 2 wholemel sandwich thins with ham, lettuce and cucumber and a low fat fruit yogurt (1)
    D - chicken and chickpea curry and basmati rice
    S - fab ice lolly (2)

    Weeklies used 5 leaving 8/49 for tomorrow.

    Weigh in on saturday - fingers crossed for a good first week loss - wish me luck :)

    Nic x
  12. georgina2930

    georgina2930 Silver Member

    Hi hun am here to follow x
  13. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Hi Georgina

    Thanks for following. Good luck on your weight loss journey :)

    Nic x
  14. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member


    Time to update my food diary

    Friday 16th may

    B - porridge with honey (1)

    L - leftover chicken and chickpea curry with basmati rice (about half a portion)

    D - 2 poached eggs
    Home made potato wedges
    Wholemeal sandwich thin

    Bit of a random tea but I needed to go shopping :)

    Nic x
  15. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Well weigh in was this morning and I have lost 2 1/2 lbs. :D i would have loved a bigger loss but i'll take it.

    Heres to another good week. If i can lose the same every other week i'll be one happy bunny

    Nic x
  16. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Happy sunny Saturday everyone :)

    Todays food:

    B - costa coffee skinny latte

    L - 2 wholemeal sandwich thins toasted with chocolate spread (2)

    T - Tuscan sausages (7) with mashed potato (no butter) and broccoli

    Weeklies left 40/49

    Going to have my tea now, hope its as tasty as it smells :)

    Bye for now
    Nic xx
  17. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Hi Nic

    Good news re: your 2.5lb weight loss in your first week :). I'm nervous about my first weigh in 2moro morning (at the worst time of the month).

    Reading your diary has tempted me to buy some Nutella spread 2moro (yum).

    Have a good evening,

  18. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Foold diary may 18th may 2014

    B- 2 warburtons w/meal thins, 2 rashers lean back bacon (fat removed), 2 poached eggs

    L - porridge with honey and raisins (2)

    D - roast beef (trimmed of fat), new potatoes, broccoli, carrots, sweet corn, gravy (2)

    Looking forward to my roast beef dinner :)

    Nic x
  19. colleen19

    colleen19 Member

    Sounds good x
  20. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Food diary for Monday 19th May

    B -cheerios and s/milk (3)

    L - mixed salad with ham , low fat mayo (1)
    Low fat pineapple and coconut yogurt (1)


    D - beef bolognaise
    Wholewheat pasta

    Nic x
  21. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    I feel like iv'e had another good day today. Ive been a little hungrier today so I've had extra veg at teatime Lol.

    B - belvita breakfast biscuits (6)

    L - as yesterday (2)


    D - roast beef from sunday (yum yum), carrots, broccoli, sweet corn and home roast potatoes (2 tsp oil)
    Gravy (2)

    Rowntrees fruit pastille ice lolly (2)

    I think im hungrier because ive not been having porridge which does fill me up till lunchtime. I like belvita but they don't last long and I'm usually hungry by 11am!

    Weeklies 21/49

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