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Nictastic low carb diary


Says it as it is!!!
Ok here goes...not got my book on atkins yet and i am still a tad confussed...luckily i have some shakes left and i am using them in with low carb foods for now. Fingers crossed my book will be here on tuesday or i get some answers before off the guys who are doing atkins!

Saturday 23/08
Brekfast - LT Vanilla Latte:D

Lunch - Chicken marinated in cumin, chilli and ginger, sauteed in olive oil with rocket, spinach, cucumber,watercress, coriander, spring onions, radish & peppers

Dinner - Chilli beef stir fry - Beef marinated in tomato puree, garlic, cumin, ginger, chilli (lots of) and a drop of hot pepper sauce with baby sweetcorn, asparagas, smoked bacon, spring onions, kale, mushrooms

2 1/2 litres of water 5 coffees:D
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Says it as it is!!!
It was!!
And the more herbs you use to flavour the less cals/carbs etc..also always use chilli in everything..it speeds up your metabolism xx


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i did atkins a while ago - and the breakfast bit is the hardest to do when ur trying to stay low fat[ish] too

a two egg omelete with veggies like peppers and mushrooms seemed the healthiest although eggs should be limited - i suppose??

sugar free jelly and creme fraiche [dunno about the carbs in it though]

turkey bacon, a grilled massive mushroom and half a grilled tomato [tomatos are quite high in carbs]

gammon slice and a dried fried egg

just a few ideas lol

I used to have a roasted chicken breast on its own!! or left over meat from sunday dinner!!! - not too inventive but i was never really into brekkie when i was on it!!

ur lunch and dinner sounds yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy



Says it as it is!!!
Thank you lisa lisa .... breekie is hard for me too..again not a breakfast person

Sunday 24th

Breakfast - LT Vanilla Latte

Lunch - Teriakyi Salmon with a stir fry of (fired in seaseme seed oil) cabbage, green beans, brocilli,sweetcorn, peppers, bamboo shots and chilli

Dinner...i am really not hungry so i am having a high protien low carb banana shake with ice in about 10 mins x


Says it as it is!!!
Lisa...when you did atkins did you still minus the fibre from the carbs to get net carbs..someone else says we dont in the uk as its already done, but others say you do???/
Sounds yum

I've been told that Cayenne pepper also aids metabolism and tastes yummy - don't know if that info is of any use to you :)



Says it as it is!!!
Cool sounds good to me ..i have that in my herb cupboard too!!! Thank you xxxx
i was told the dietary fibre is taken out of the carb counts put on the packaging in the UK - so what it says on the packet is what the actual carb count is.

maybe you will have to watch out if ur buying stuff that has been imported - i dunno - asda seems to have more and more american stuff on its shelves - i couldnt tell ya if the nutritional values on them have to fall in line with the way the UK sets it out.
Lisa...when you did atkins did you still minus the fibre from the carbs to get net carbs..someone else says we dont in the uk as its already done, but others say you do???/

Nic when I did the atkins diet i was told that on labels where it says:

Carbs: 9g
(of which sugars) 3.4g

the actual net carbs are the 'of which sugars' ones.

have u looked on the atkins website? all the info you need will be on there. there's quite alot of recipes on there as well
god , can i have some lol ... a carrot sounds lovely even now :)


Says it as it is!!!
Ok, kinda lost the plot with writing down what i have eaten, but, i have lost 1.5 lbs ...so alls good !!!


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Very well done Nic!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx
1.5 pounds! Excellent babe! Im very very happy for you - what you are doing must be working a treat! :)

awesome xox


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Nictastic - fantastic! I like these real live case-studies -this is not theory but practical! Well done.

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