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Night before weigh in nerves.

I've just had my tea of bacon and scrambled eggs, all free on my red day, but I'm so nervous about my weigh in tomorrow morning that I actually feel guilty about eating it! Does anyone get like this the day before weigh in and how do you shut up that little voice in your head and trust the plan???
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I sometimes have got nervous before a wi usually if i have had a bad result the previous week, i feel anxious at the thought of sts again despite working really hard. I guess it is beacuse we want it so much.

Well done you by the way, your weight loss is fantastic. Good luck tomorrow and let us know how you get on x
Definitely night before nerves! My Monday night food day before weigh in usually consists of Ryvita and cheese, and my aunt who I go with always has a big jacket spud and she has slower losses. Eggs and bacon sound like a good food for night before though. Just think about tomorrow and how good you feel when you see the loss :)

Good luck tomorrow !
I'm nervous because the last 2 weeks I've only had little 1lb losses, Valentines Day meal and chocolates the OH bought me really set me back syn wise. But this week I've trained my little bits off, kept my syns under control, not eaten til I'm bursting but not gone hungry either. Just can't shake this feeling, I know it's silly because even if it is another 1lb loss it's not exactly the worst result! Silly Sugar lol!
A loss is a loss, just remember that and youll be fine :)
This is my first week and my first weigh in tomorrow and Im feeling the same! Im so nervous, I've stuck to plan all week but am still nervous!

You've done so well, congratulations on your weight loss and best of luck for tomorrow xx


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I get nervous before my weigh in and i always go back over my diary saying maybe i shouldnt have eaten that!!even though i know ive stuck to the plan and it works really well for me! anyway hun u sound like you've had a good week so i wouldnt worry too much :)


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I always get nervous too even when I know I've been 100% on the plan and I think it's because i know how random my body/weightloss can be! :sigh:

This time i have told myself that even if i STS on weigh in day I will not give up like a I usually do. If i'd never have given up when i've been deflated before i would be at my goal weight!

Good luck honey x
Thats excellent hun! Well done xxx
Well done you!

I am doubly nervous tonight, starting new job tomorrow and WI on the way home, have cheated a bit and looked on the boots scales but they are not the same as the SW ones, three pounds out last week.

Good luck with the next WI and well done again.
That's a fantastic loss! Well done you!

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