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Night out in Edinburgh tonight!


I have my mojo
Well I have my night out with the girls tonight in Edinburgh! Everyone keeps going on about me flaunting mynew size 14 look and I am looking forward to it. I have a fab out fit but I suppose I still feel self conscious!

It's silly I should feel this way as I know I have come so far and if I'm honest I do look good in the dress.

I think the reason I'm feeling this way is because my friends keep saying they need to find me a man tonight and in all honesty I'm at a point wher I need a man!! lol. BUT, I don't feel confident enough yet :sigh:

Does any other single girls losing weight find it scary when it comes to men? I used to have no problem but now I'm scared of what they would really think of my body which looks much better in a dress than outwith!

I'm probably being ridiculous and don't get me wrong I'm not planning on getting out of my dress with some random tonight. I suppose it just got me thinking of the long term.

Sorry for being whingey people :D:D
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Oooh, Indie, night out in Edinburgh, lovely part of the world.

You know Indie, I found my husband when I was really off men and the last thing I wanted was another relationship! Just have a great night out and if anything happens it's a bonus! Friends can put terrible pressure on us.

My body def looks better in a dress, than without but when you find the right person, it dosent really matter anymore.My hubby know me as a fat and not so fat woman but it's whats inside thats important.

Have a great time and just dont worry about it!

PS very jealous here, we had a great weekend in a hotel overlooking the castle last year, without the kids!


I have my mojo
Thanks P.S, you're entirely right. I should just let go off my worries and enjoy myself. Friends can put pressure on us but I know they mean well :D

Edinburgh is beautiful! I live not so far away so I love my jaunts in the capital :D

Thanks hun xx


Full Member
Hi kerry, You are not being whingy-just a little scared which is allowed! Try and relax and enjoy yourself tonight -enjoy being with your friends. As for looking better in the dress than without-join the gang!! Lol! But when you find the right man-and I did three years ago-it doesnt matter a dam about the less than perfect bits that we all have. Enjoy life x


Still rockin' it
Kerry- have a fantastic night tonight.
I'm sure when you get your gorgeous dress on (saw it in the flesh today in the shop- looks lovely) and do your hair and make-up you will feel completely different.
I BET you get plenty of male attention- whether you want it or not!

Have a great time- and don't forget to post your piccies of you looking drop-dead gorgeous!



I have my mojo
Thanks all....I did have a good night, got far too drunk though! lol

Pics up C.P, and for the first time in a long time I did feel good about how I looked and there was plenty of attention!! :p



needs to focus!!!!
i know what you mean, george street is so expensive and you get loads of people stuck up. Glad you had a good night though huni, and your doing fab. xx
You look great in your dress, glad you had a good night out.

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