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Night out

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Hey all :D

I'm planning on going out tomorrow night with my best friend for a few drinks :eek: This is the first time i've drank in almost 4 months after doing CD for 3 months and Atkins for a couple of weeks now. I've got a couple things to celebrate and it's been planned a while, although she's poorly at the mo so i'm hoping she'll be better tomorrow! :rolleyes:

I know ideally i shouldn't drink at all and i have stuck to this religeously for the last few months but i feel like i really need a good night out. (Probably the ex forces coming out in me!:eek:) I feel proud i've gone so long without drinking!

If the evening goes ahead.. I'm just wondering if anyone has some good advice as to the best things to eat and drink throughout the day. I usually drink rose wine which when i've looked on the Atkins site is much lower in carbs that other drinks but not as low as some. I want to be as prepared as i can be beforehand with eating the right things throughout the day etc..

Any advice/experiences greatfully appreciated.. xx
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S: 17st4lb G: 11st10lb
Blimey, guess i should ask my mate if we can go out a little later on then! Don't wanna be too much of a lightweight n go home early on! haha.. Good idea with alternating drinks with softies though, thanks..

Also, is diet coke better than coke zero? I've been having coke zero for the last couple weeks, a can a day. Was always told with it having no citric acid in it it's better as citric acid in diet coke etc can do something with ketosis? Or do i need to totally forget the CD way of thinking with citric acid etc? If it's better i'll buy diet coke next time for the fridge rather than coke zero. If no difference i'll stick to the same.


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i feel like i really need a good night out. (Probably the ex forces coming out in me

God yes, drink plenty of water before hand, My first real night out I was pissed in half an hour. :( really I was and that on just over a bottle of wine. Make sure you eat before you go out as well.

S: 17st4lb G: 11st10lb
Looks like the drinking's off now as my mate's got a headache.. bit of an excuse for something else if ya ask me but hey.. guess it's karma or something!

She says she still wants to do something like go for a meal, bowling or cinema or something but not to sit in a bar.. thing is going for a meal i begrudge unless there's a special reason for it i don't wanna be bad just for the sake of being bad. Bowling bores me to tears. And unless there's something amazing on at the cinema i don't really like going and being crammed in next to people and sat in the aircon..

So in a bit of a quandry now as to what to do.. Humph..

Thanks for the advice though, will know for next time what's best to do!
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I've had the idea of having a BBQ round hers (i live in a flat lol).. Am going to drive over to hers in a couple hrs and go out to buy me some Atkins friendly meats, salads and probably sugar free jellies for pudding.. That way we can still have a bottle of wine between me her n her fella and i feel better for eating things i know i'm allowed as i've prepared myself!

Still bit gutted to not be going out properly as feels like forever now but guess it's a good compromise x


Big Boy
S: 25st0lb C: 13st1lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 11st13lb(47.71%)
Better than eating out Claire, If I had to eat out I'd generally opt for the mixed grill and ditch the chips.

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