Night shifts- affect weight loss?


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I've been doing nights for about 2 months now and while I do stick to free foods I think it does affect my weight loss, it's slowed RIGHT down!
I did a full week of nights last week, hardly ate as wasn't really hungry and more to the point didn't get time, my ward was so busy we didn't get brakes, hardly had any sins and only had some healthy extras.. i lost half pound, was not happy. my advise to you is eat and eat well, plenty of free foods and make sure you have meals, as i think this is why my loss wasn't so good.


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I work shifts and do have to work nights every so often. In the past I have not noticed any difference in my weight losses while working nights. I just start a new day from the time I get up each day even if it is 5pm - like it was this evening. Working nights does not affect my appetite so I can eat all night, I have my main meal before I go to work, have 'lunch' around midnight, have a snack around 4am and another before I go to bed. At 7.30 this morning I was enjoying a packet of twiglets and a options hot choc while in bed - works for me.

It will probably be like all things finding out what suits you.


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I work shifts too, and it does seem to effect my weekly WIs BUT I really wouldn't worry about it.

We are all on SW to get to goal at some point, so long as you stick to plan while you are on nights it will all be headed in the right direction. If this week's WI isn't as good as you would have hoped you know exactly why, just stay on plan and look forward to an excellent WI the following week :)