Night shifts..mess up my diet!


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I do a mixture of shifts (9am-5pm, 12am-8pm, 6pm-12am, 9am-7.30pm) and I dont find that my shift patterns mess up my diet at all - its all about control and planning ;) However, my weigh in day is a Friday and if I've done a nightshift on a Thursday into Friday I won't actually weigh until I've woken up from sleeping that shift off.

I work my points out as running from 8am-8am - 20 points within a 24 hour bracket. Its never really failed me to be honest :)
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I work long shifts till the early hours of the morning in dominos pizza, its so hard as all I want is pizza constantly but I find if I bring loads of food with me its a lot easier. And loads and loads of fruit! :)


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I work shifts too: a mix of earlies, lates and night shifts and they have completely messed my diet. I was off on maternity leave when i started WW and when i went back to work at the end of Jan, i went off the rails. This week, i have gone back to WW and will try to work my meals around my shifts. Planning is key but working night shifts totally mess my mind set and this is something i am going to have to work on in the next few months. I think i am going to have to leave my weeklies to allow for weak moments. Its hard going doing shift work and trying to be healthy too!! :)